This Styling Mistake Is Made By Almost All Women

Whether in the fake jeans variant, as so-called ‘leggings’, in the sexy version made of leather, patterned or simply plain-colored – leggings are a must-have for many women in the wardrobe. And for good reason, says fashion designer and TV darling Guido Maria Kretschmer . He thinks the leggings are one of the great wonders of our world. “Leggings are super comfortable and you can combine them in an exciting way, ” says the fashion expert. His favorite look: black leggings and a white long blouse.

You should definitely avoid THIS styling error!

But for Guido the skin-tight pants also have a catch: “You have to remember: Leggings also have a back. If it’s great from the front, it can be horror from the back . If you have strong legs, you should definitely use high-quality leggings made of a thicker material.” The reason: leggings made of thin fabrics become transparent when they are stretched a lot. A real no-go – especially if you combine a short top. Leggings made of solid materials, on the other hand, remain opaque and also form the figure.

Styling help: which top fits the leggings?

Styling rule no. 1: Leggings with longer cut look more flattering than short tops, blouses and pullovers. Because of the longer cut, the belly-legs-butt region is cleverly concealed. Particularly trendy with leggings: chubby warm oversize sweaters or simple long blouses. Instead of reaching for a long top, you can also use a longer cut cardigan as a ‘privacy screen’ for your buttocks. Simply style a plain white T-shirt – and you’re done with a casual everyday look.

Which shoes can I combine with leggings – ankle boots, sneakers or overknees?

You can basically combine all shoes with leggings, whether comfortable sneakers, classic loafers, lace-up shoes, boots or high heels. Do you like sporty? Then wear white sneakers or rose-colored sneakers with leggings and oversized sweaters. A gray wool coat looks particularly trendy.

Tip: To make the look perfect, you should choose leggings that end just above the ankle so that a small gap in the skin remains visible over the shoes.

Do you want your look to look rockier? Then ankle boots combined with leggings. Incidentally, leather leggings for ankle boots look super stylish and classy. The combination of leather leggings and overknees is really sexy and ideal for the evening – preferably in the same color. Your legs look ultra long in this leather look! You can combine a long blouse or a slightly longer top, for example.

Leggings for the plump: This is how the look becomes flattering

If you are curvy, you should pay attention to Guido’s styling tip and use leggings made of firmer materials. Jeggings in dark colors, for example, are great because they make your legs look particularly slim. With an exciting top you can direct your gaze to your torso or décolleté. But remember: Better a long cut top than a short one!

Combine leather leggings: the best styling tips

Leggings or pants with a leather look are an absolute must-have, especially in autumn and winter. They look extremely rocky and casual, but also incredibly exciting and sexy.

When buying leather leggings, make sure that they look as high-quality as possible. Unfortunately, leather can look cheap very quickly. You should definitely combine longer tops with tight leather leggings, but loose-fitting leather pants in paperbag look can be combined with crop shirts or tight-fitting tops.

In addition, the leather leggings should be the only leather piece in your outfit so that it doesn’t get too much. Leather leggings with a shiny lacquer look are currently extremely popular. Since they are already eye-catchers enough, your rest of the look should be rather calm and reserved. Likes to play with different materials: Coarse knitted pieces go particularly well with the patent trousers,

Oh, so what’s the difference between Jeggings and Treggings?

Jeggings and treggings are basically the same thing. Both are leggings made of somewhat firmer fabric, which look like normal trousers. The term ‘treggings’ (composition from the English words ‘trousers’ and ‘leggings’) includes all leggings that are reminiscent of cloth trousers. ‘Jeggings’ specifically designates leggings that look like jeans.


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