This Tone Matches Your Skin And Hair Color | Trend Color Brown

Trend color brown: which shade suits you? For a long time, a trend color was no longer as surprising as the good old brown. For a long time, the color was classified as old-fashioned or bourgeois, but for two seasons it has moved into our wardrobes with full cheek! The trend color brown is actually the new black: it is softer and softer, looks younger and elegant, without immediately reminding you of evening wear. And it will continue like this: We can continue to rely on brown in all shades and shades in the coming seasons. But with all the tones – from camel to chocolate – the choice is not so easy. In this blog post I summarized which shade of brown suits you and your type perfectly!

Warm dark brown or chocolate brown

It starts with THE trend tone par excellence: Chocolate brown is reminiscent of dark chocolate with a little chestnut. The trend color brown has warm undertones and is particularly flattering for autumn and winter. Chocolate brown can also be combined with all other colors. Navy blue, khaki, cream, white or lilac also look great.

The trend color chocolate brown suits you when …

  • you have blonde to dark blonde hair and a lighter complexion because the tone makes your complexion shine healthier. The minimal shades of red in brown can also be found in your skin tone.
  • you have brown hair and a slightly tanned complexion, because this is how your look and your outfit move in a color family. Medium to dark brown hair goes very well with a rich chocolate brown.

Trend color cognac or reddish brown

The red-brown cognac tone is still a trend color and is indispensable for coats, pants & Co.! The color is characterized by a lot of warmth and alternates between brown and red, that’s what makes it so special. Cognac can be combined well with light or pastel shades in the outfit, but also works with dark blue or fir green.

The trend color cognac suits you when …

  • You have reddish hair and a light complexion, because hair color and trend color blend harmoniously with each other. The shades of red let your complexion shine and your hair looks even brighter.
  • You have dark blond hair and a light to slightly tanned complexion, because this creates a contrast between your hair and the cognac fashion tone.
  • Have dark to black hair and a dark complexion, as the rich cognac makes your skin glow and your dark hair shines. The cognac reflects the light and you shine.

Trend color cool medium brown

There are innumerable shades of brown tones, but one is relatively common in fashion: a medium to dark brown that, in contrast to chocolate brown, looks rather cool. The trend color brown, with more blue and green pigments, turns into a pale brown shade that is good for business blazers or coats. The tone is less noticeable than the other nuances, so it is a good start for the trend.

The trend color cognac suits you when …

  • you have blond to reddish hair and a light complexion, because this way you automatically balance the coolness of the brown with your warm-looking hair color. Your look is less lovely, but overall a little cooler.
  • you have dark brown hair and a snow white complexion, because this brings out the contrast between skin and hair. Add a red lipstick and the look is perfect 🙂

Trend color camel or light brown

Instead of light brown, one often says camel, but the color is very, very similar. Only a little color is added to the white tone, so that a very pale brown is created. This is a timeless trend color that works regardless of the season. Camel looks beautiful in a color family for a fashion look, i.e. with cream or other camel tones. Spoiler: This shade of the trend color brown is the most universal – it underlines almost every type 🙂

The trend color camel suits you when …

  • You have very dark hair and dark skin, because this is how you make the camel shine. Your skin looks fresh and rosy and the contrast between your dark hair and a light brown fashion piece is harmonious and at the same time super stylish.
  • You have blonde or dark blonde hair and a light to tanned complexion, because your look and the trend color are from a family of colors. Since different nuances fit together so well, you have a perfect match.
  • You have reddish hair and a light complexion, because then the light brown looks much warmer and your skin looks even healthier.
  • You have light to dark brown hair and a slightly tanned complexion, because cognac loves medium brown 🙂 The combination looks great!


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