Those Pants Make You Slim! Strong Legs?

Do you fight with strong thighs and wide hips ? Then you should choose loose-fitting boyfriend jeans or straight jeans. The casual fit of the pants and the straight cut wide legs make the thighs look slimmer. Important when styling the casual trousers: the top should not be too long. Otherwise, the strong legs look even shorter. Flowing tops or blouses, which you can easily put in your waistband, are great . This emphasizes the waist and your body appears slimmer. Also great: jumsuits with straight, wide legs!

Styling tip for slimmer legs: roll up the boyfriend jeans so that they end just above the ankles. This emphasizes the narrowest part of your leg. In the rolled-up pants, the legs look even slimmer when you wear high heels – preferably nude colored pumps!

In which pants do the legs look longer?

Jeans with a high waist are also great because they visually lengthen your legs. Are you looking for chic pants that you can also put on in the office? Then we recommend straight-cut suit trousers with a crease. The legs look super slim and long. The wide culottes are also really flattering, because the wide cut conceals strong thighs and the 7/8 length emphasizes the slim cuffs.

Can women with strong legs wear skinny jeans?

Definitely yes! Because even skinny jeans can make you slim – provided they are properly styled. Due to the figure-hugging fit, you can optimally emphasize the slimmest part of your legs, usually the lower legs. In return, you can hide your strong thighs by choosing the right top. For the skinny jeans, choose a longer cut, voluminous top that extends to the middle of the thighs. Tunics, long blouses or shirts made of flowing materials are perfectly suitable.

Tops with vertical stripes are a real miracle, because they make the whole body look slimmer. If you combine pointed pumps in a nude tone to this look, the slim-making effect will be perfect!

Styling tips for strong legs: Pants in dark colors make legs look narrower

Not only the cut, but also the color is decisive whether a pair of pants makes you slim or bulky. As a rule of thumb, the darker the color, the slimmer the pants make them. Jeans with a raw look are advantageous and elegant. Also great: trousers with vertical stripes. They make you slim and stretch your body. If you want to hide your strong thighs , you shouldn’t wear striking patterned pants, but rather grab patterned tops. Because they direct the view away from the problem zone and towards the upper body and the beautiful cleavage.

By the way, light jeans with used effects or horizontal stripes at the thigh are not a good choice. Such pants make the legs look stronger than they actually are. So stay away!

Shaping Jeans: Do the really slim legs do magic?

If you look around in the online shops, you will often come across so-called ‘shaping jeans’. According to the manufacturer, these pants should slim down within seconds. Shaping jeans are made from a specially woven denim stretch that shapes the body like a nylon tights. Dark washes and offset side seams also ensure that the legs look slimmer. And with small pockets in the middle, the bottom looks a bit smaller. Of course, these trousers can not work miracles either and conjure up 10 kilos in no time. But a few centimeters can make such trousers look slimmer.

Are bell bottoms slim or bulky?

For a long time they were out of the closet, now they are back: bell bottoms! But not every woman likes this garment. If you have short, strong legs with thick thighs, bell bottoms are not a good choice. Due to their strongly flared cut, they make the legs appear even shorter. On the other hand, if you have long legs and fight with thick calves, you should definitely try on flared trousers. Due to their flared shape from the knee, the calves appear slimmer and the legs overall longer.

A must with flared trousers: high heels! Because they conjure up valuable extra centimeters of leg length, which makes the legs look slim in the flared trousers. Great pumps or the comfortable wedge sandals with a high cork heel are great. Clogs with wooden heels are also a great choice for flared pants.

Professional trick for slim legs: buy the pants a bit too long

If you find your legs too short and too strong, you can simply cheat yourself slimmer and longer. You just have to buy the pants a bit too long and compensate for the missing height with high heels. By the way, Marlene pants are ideal for this trick. Because of its wide cut and high waist, the body is stretched. The crease provides another slim-mach effect.

What shoes to wear with jeans?

If you want to cheat your strong legs more slenderly, you should combine shoes with heels. Ankle boots with heels are great for the coming season because they defy the dingy autumn weather, are always trendy and are wonderfully easy to combine.


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