Ties & Ray-ban Sunglasses – Stylish Fashion Accessory For Men And Women

Ties – you either like them or you don’t like them. Nevertheless, even those who find ties old-fashioned or boring know that this clothing accessory is still part of a well-dressed man in a suit and that it enhances the outfit accordingly. The tie (the word comes from French) is available in many different designs and materials. High-quality silk ties, either plain or patterned, are particularly elegant and suitable for the correct business outfit. The classic patterns definitely include narrow or wide diagonal stripes in muted or stronger colors, small polka dots, classic simple flowers or paisley.

Ties with funny motifs, on the other hand, belong more to the leisure sector, but can also be worn for work, depending on the professional environment in which you work. They certainly fit well into the more unconventional creative area. There are also ties in different widths; While the normal tie width is something for the classically dressed man, trendsetters also like to fall back on the narrower model, which looks younger and more modern.

Ties also trendy for women

For a long time the tie was considered a pure fashion accessory or item of clothing for men. But meanwhile women have also discovered ties for themselves. Somewhat strict and business-like they go with white or other monochrome shirt blouses, they look casual and funny on collarless shirts. In service professions, in particular, the single-color women’s tie is part of the professional outfit.

Women’s ties differ from men’s ties in that they are shorter and usually only plain-colored. It also looks more feminine when a woman does not tie the tie tightly over the closed shirt collar like men, but rather casually wears it around the neck in an open collar, like a scarf or scarf.

Ties on the internet

If you don’t want to search for ties in various fashion stores, you will also find a large and high-quality selection online. A pure tie online shop is, for example, Krawatte.net , which has around 1,000 tie designs, various special tie sizes such as narrow ties, clip ties that are easy to clip on and children’s ties in its range. Women will also find what they are looking for: there are single-colored women’s ties for them, especially for the service area, in many colors and different materials. One more care tip at the end: If you don’t want wrinkled ties and value their durability, you should smooth them out, hang them on a hanger or roll them up immediately after wearing them. That way they stay wrinkle-free.

Ray-Ban sunglasses

In sunny weather, sunglasses are a popular, useful and cool-looking accessory for both women and men . It protects the eyes from too bright sunlight and gives the wearer a highly fashionable and casual look. The very high quality sunglasses from Ray-Ban (in German, this means “radiation protection”) have a particularly high brand status among sunglasses. The world-famous sunglasses brand was founded in the USA as early as the 1930s as a subsidiary of the Bausch & Lomb company.

The classics among Ray-Ban sunglasses include two models, the “Aviator”, aviator glasses with a narrow gold-colored frame, and the “Wayfarer”, sunglasses with wide, mostly black plastic frames. The Wayfarer in particular is very popular with numerous internationally known stars from the film and music scene. In addition to these Ray-Ban classics, there are a few other attractive models, such as Jackie Ohh, Warrior, Shooter or Top Bar, to name just a few.

Large Ray-Ban selection

The online shop for sunglasses, prescription glasses and contact lenses, Edel Optics, has a very large range of Ray-Ban sunglasses for women and men. Interested parties can filter from over 180 different Ray-Ban models between women / unisex, men / unisex and men / women / unisex. Each model is also available in different styles such as different lens colors and sizes.

Even people with ametropia do not have to do without wearing a Ray-Ban, because corrective lenses can be inserted into the frames.Since Ray-Ban sunglasses are made of high-quality materials and have a highly fashionable design, they are in a higher price segment. At Edel Optics they are available at very reasonable prices, many models cost between 80 and 100 euros and are thus well below the list price. The glasses are delivered free of charge within Germany.


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