Time For Denim Jackets! We Are Now Wearing These Trend Models

The denim jacket is and will definitely remain the most versatile among the transition jackets. We explains which models are trending now and how we can best combine the classic denim.


The 80s celebrate their comeback every spring with XXL denim jackets. The trend pieces that are much too big can no longer only be bought at the flea market, fashion chains are now also producing the denim jackets in retro style – but of course the handle to the second-hand model is more authentic and sustainable. The new old jackets preferably come in classic jeans blue or in acid wash, they are upgraded with lettering and prints.

How are XXL denim jackets styled?

Just like all denim pieces in 2020: from head to toe! The XXL denim jacket cuts a particularly good figure with the jeans mini because the skirt creates the perfect balance between figure-hugging and oversized. The combination with mom jeans is also cool – but it shouldn’t turn out too far, because women in oversized jeans looks otherwise quickly lost. A style rule that should be observed with the oversized denim jacket: never, never never wear closed!

White and cream colors

Jeans jackets are getting a fresh upgrade this spring: cream-white models should be right at the top of the trend list of every fashionista, because unlike the classic blue models, the light jackets look much more chic, and can also be worn over elegant dresses as a replacement for a blazer. And: Even though it is often rumored that light tones made light types appear even paler, this is not the case with cream nuances – on the contrary. Tones somewhere between white and beige flatter every complexion, only pale women should do without pure white anyway.

How are cream-colored denim jackets styled?

Best in monochrome suits, for a bit of variety, different white and beige shades, or gaudy accessories can provide. The light denim jacket also goes perfectly with the typical blue jeans or (floral) summer dress, gives even gray looks a freshness kick.


This year cropped denim is not just a pair of cropped pants, we are now also wearing denim jackets with an ultra-short design and the courage to navigate: you can easily create this look yourself. Simply grab the textile scissors and cut to your liking – the hem doesn’t have to fall out and the frayed, the cooler! If your favorite jacket is too good for you, just have a look at the nearest flea market or in the second-hand shop, you are guaranteed to find cheap parts for fashion experiments.

How are cropped denim jackets styled?

Fashionistas actually wear the short jacket in combination with low-rise jeans. If that is too naked – or too cold – you can also pick up a pair of high-cut trousers or simply wear the trend jacket in a layered look over a blazer:

Jeans blazer

Anyone who has had enough of the classic buttoned denim jacket despite all the trend models can use the denim blazer as an alternative this season. The coarse denim material makes the elegant jacket cut look a little more casual, but the blazer version looks much fancier than the normal denim jacket – the perfect compromise between casual and elegant.

How is the jeans blazer styled?

The jeans blazer outfit in an all-over denim look is also particularly casual, but you should definitely use the same denim, otherwise the look will quickly look restless. The jeans blazer can also be wonderfully combined with floral maxi dresses and cowboy boots and gives playful outfits a sporty business touch.


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