Timeless Winter Shoes That Can Still Be Worn Next Year

When the first frosty nights are announced, autumn finally changes into winter. Then the time of light shoes is temporarily over, the ballerinas and sandals are stowed in the back of the shoe cabinet. Now the season begins for winter shoes that have to meet completely different requirements. Sturdy shoes for winter must keep your feet warm and dry. It defies the cold, which is often accompanied by rain and snow. Those who have constantly cold and wet feet will suffer from colds in the long term. But when buying winter shoes, many customers also attach great importance to one more thing: the design should be timeless so that it will still work in the next year. Due to the usually significantly higher purchase price, models that are too extravagant do not make much sense.

Classic aspects of winter

shoes The range of winter shoes is very diverse, including boots, ankle boots, lace-up and loafers. The decisive aspect is the right choice of materials. Lined shoes in particular keep your feet warm in the cold season. In combination with water-repellent and breathable properties, they stay dry even in heavy rain and snow. Chic ankle boots are now available as a replacement for the light pumps of the summermade of leather for elegant occasions.

With rough rubber boots with a warm lining, you can still go for long walks in nature, regardless of the weather. A coarse profile ensures more safety, so that even a hike in the mountains does not become a dangerous slide. In this way there is the right winter shoe for every occasion in your own shoe cabinet.

In addition to high quality, long-term comfort is particularly important when choosing the right model. The customers of the family-owned company brüder-götz can choose from shoe models from seasonal catalogs with a constantly growing range of products. In the in-house online shop there are various warming winter shoes available. The range also includes the Tamaris shoe brand , which combines winter shoes with classic looks and a sporty elegance. In this way, the winter outfit is stylishly rounded off.

Materials and design factors for winter

shoes High-quality winter shoes are often made of leather. This material provides excellent insulation for the feet against cold outside temperatures. With an additional membrane under the upper material, the thermal insulation is further increased, in this area Goretex is particularly convincing. This also results in an improved climate in the shoe, which sustainably supports the health of the feet. Thanks to careful processing, cold and wet can be kept permanently away from the interior. Natural materials are particularly popular as inner linings, so that they are always breathable. This lining encloses the feet with an air envelope, which automatically prevents the cold from entering. Winter shoes with thick and solid soles give your feet a much greater distance from the cold ground. Robust rubber soles with a deep profile are very suitable. This also minimizes the risk of slipping, so that walking safely on a smooth,

The colors for timeless winter shoes are dominated by dark tones, either black, brown, gray or anthracite. In addition, warm earth tones adapt perfectly to the rest of the winter wardrobe.


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