Tips For The Perfectly Fitting Jeans

The perfect pair of jeans – what you need to consider when buying shape, size & fit : The search for the perfect pair of jeans is often the same as the search for the dream man – both require a lot of patience and strong nerves;) But once you have found one or the other, the rest usually runs by itself. At least as far as the jeans are concerned, because they last as long as you wear them. And since jeans are an all-rounder and have been around for 150 years, they will never come from the otherwise fast-moving fashion.

So don’t give up joy, the search for the perfectly fitting jeans is worth it! To help you get started, I have summarized the best tips for buying denim pants today . Because if you pay attention to shape, size & fit, you can use the classic to emphasize your figure, hide weaknesses and always have a fashion favorite in your wardrobe that always fits.

Jeans guide: what you need to know about denim

Before you get to the perfect pair of jeans, let’s first take a look: What types and styles of jeans are there? Boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, ripped jeans, high-waisted jeans, flare jeans, straight jeans, vintage jeans, patchwork jeans, cropped jeans, culotte jeans are currently the trend – and although skinny jeans have been declared out for some time it is a classic and will probably never completely disappear from the scene. As you can see, the jeans selection is currently quite large and there are actually no rules. Anything you like is allowed.

Tips to find the perfect pair of jeans

Which jeans make the perfect bottom?The art of buying pants is that they fit just as well as they look. Means: we want a knackpo and nice legs. In fact, you can count on a classic here, because the Levi’s denims (e.g. the 501 Cropped model) make a perfect buttocks thanks to the iconic pockets and the diagonally running seam – for every figure type.

Which jeans fit your figure?Hourglass figure:

High-rise jeans work best here to emphasize a narrow waist. The leg should be cut straight to show the hips and thighs in the perfect light.

Slim figure:

If you are rather slim and dainty, you can emphasize your figure with skinny jeans. Simply choose an oversize top for more volume.

Curvy figure:

A tip for slimmer legs: jeans in dark tones and without washing like dark blue, dark gray or black. A straight or slightly flared jeans cut with stretch flatters curvy figure types best.

Pear figure:

In order to make a wide hip look a little more delicate, it is best to use dark jeans tones. A shaping effect in jeans also flatters the figure and defines it.

Little figure:

To cheat yourself bigger, it is best to wear shortened jeans or roll up your pants. Cropped denim is a big fashion trend right now .

Large figure:

Those with long legs and generally taller will love the cropped flare. The model is cut short and slightly flared or straight.

What color should jeans be?Everything is really fashionable right now and you can really let off steam in terms of styling. While almost exclusively black skinny jeans were seen a few years ago, the trend towards bolder colors has now really spread. In summer there are jeans in white, cream and pastel tones. If you want slimmer legs, you should use dark tones for jeans. Dark blue, gray and black are the best colors for this. Avoid washing, because they emphasize the legs and are deceptive. Otherwise, a big trend right now: blue jeans with a washed-out vintage look. The models look best in a high-rise fit, but are more bulky.


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