Top 10 Bracelet Brands In India

Be it wedding or a birthday, everyone would want to look gorgeous and complete. It is always not about the attire that would complete the appearance; accessories also play a crucial role in making you look perfect and stunning. Bracelets form a major part of the accessories and they are known to make your hands look quite attractive. When they are matched properly with the attire you are wearing they make you look outstanding and there are a few brands of bracelets that are known for their exquisiteness. So, here is a list of 1op 10 bracelet brands in India that you must try for all the bracelet lovers.

There are different kinds of bracelets and mostly these days a lot of women prefer wearing bracelets that are handcrafted using precious gems. Golden bracelets still rule the fashion industry because they can be moulded in many ways. Along with the golden bracelets, ladies are also going gaga over silver bracelets these days. Silver bracelets look classy and elegant especially when they are studded with American diamonds. Apart from all these, there are a lot of other kinds of fancy bracelets too available online. So it’s time to know a few Indian bracelet brands now!

1. Ayesha

This has been one of the top-notch brands that specialise in making fashion bracelets. If you have a date planned with your husband, Ayesha’s bracelets can make you make a charmer.

2. Zaveri Pearls

Zaveri Pearls is one of the brands that have made quite a noise in the fashion space offlate. Your bracelets collection would remain incomplete if you do not own a bracelet from Zaveri Pearls.

3. ZeroKaata

Do you want to be the limelight at a party that you are going to and grab everyone’s attention immediately then, try the silver-plated and beaded bracelets from ZeroKaata! This brand is known to make some of the best bracelets to suit all the dresses.

4. Jewels Galaxy

Are you looking for a perfect bracelet for your ethnic wear? Well, say bye to all those old and out-dated bracelets that you have in your wardrobe and just order for one of those fantastic golden bracelets from Jewels Galaxy and flaunt around.

5. Amavi

Trend is in the air and it feels like the bracelets from Amavi are synonymous for fashion. These trendy looking bracelets can be worn with all the dresses without guilt for a perfect and striking looks.

6. Panash

If you haven’t tried the Alloy Charm Bracelet from Panash then, you are surely missing something. Especially, if you are keen on fashion and want to make your own statement, a bracelet from Panash is a must add to your collection.

7. Gehna

The name sounds a little traditional but, the bracelets that Gehna makes are contemporary and they are made to suit every occasion and every outfit. The handcrafted delicate and the abstract designs from Gehna is a must wear when you are attending some hi-fi parties.

8. Forever New

Are you thinking about buying a new bracelet to make your hands look beautiful? Then, it’s the right time to try the bracelets from Forever New for their trendy and elegant styles.

9. Mahi

Are you a sucker for silver and silver plated bracelets? Then, its high-time that you try some of the bracelets from Mahi! Pick one or more stunning bracelets from a wide range of collection.

10. Infuzze

Are you a bead lover and do you love to carry the looks of being a cool-spirited person? Well, try your hands on the Infuzze bracelets today.

Well, these are the list of top 10 Indian bracelet brands.


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