Top 4 Types Of Eyeliners | Pick The Best One

Top 4 Types Of Eyeliners – Eyeliners can change the appearance of your eyes and make them look beautiful an attractive. They also make your eyes look bold, bigger and have an almond shape. One can draw a thin line to match the shape of their eyes or draw a thick line to give their eyes a gorgeous look and make them look bigger. Many women around the world prefer wind style and cat style eyeliners. Choosing an eyeliner will depend on your desire but purchasing a high-quality formula is important for shaping your eyes perfectly and giving them a wonderful appearance.

There are different types of eyeliners available in market today from gels and creams to liquids and pencils. So we will discuss them in details and help you single out the most suitable eyeliner to match your eyes and for your preference. 1. Pencil eyeliners : Pencil eyeliners come in form of pencils. When deciding on this eyeliner, it’s suggested that you look for cream eyeliner to apply it easily on your eyes.

Pencil eyeliners are appropriate not only for top but for bottom lash lines as well. In India, these eyeliners are obtainable in two forms; Eye Kohl Pencils and Mechanical Twist pencils. Eye kohl pencils come in a softer and velvety texture than other pencil eyeliners. As a result, they can be easily blended and smudged. Mechanical Twist eyeliners are less creamy than Eye kohl pencils. Using any of these two pencil eyeliners will give your eyes an attractive look. For better application, it’s recommended that you use little caresses instead of drawing one long line. Before you use these pencils, sharpen them well to avoid straining while applying them. One good this about these pencils is that they are waterproof and can last for as long as three years and there is a minimal risk of developing infections in future.

2. Liquid eyeliners

Liquid eyeliners are available in two types of application techniques including brush and felt or pen: The brush applicator accompanies a bottle of liquid eyeliners. On the other hand, in Felt or Pen the liquid eyeliners come in form of pen. These dry pens are very easy to use and dry faster unlike the brush eyeliners. All you need is accuracy and patience when applying them on your eyes. Liquid liners won’t blemish your skin easily. They are shinier than the pencil eyeliners, however, they are not meant for beginners since they are difficult to use. They are ideal for powerful makeup looks. It’s always recommended that you replace the liquid liner every 4-6 months to avoid future eye infections.

Top 4 Types Of Eyeliners

3. Gel or Cream eyeliners

They are the latest models of eyeliners in market at the moment. They are packed in a pot and are usually applied with a brush. Gel eyeliners are thick, easy to use and stay longer on your eyes. These liners are available in different variety of shades. They take quite longer to dry thus making them ideal for smearing along the eyelash line. One problem with these eyeliners is that they require proper storage and maintenance, as exposing them to air will frost your gel.

4. Glitter eyeliners

Glitter eyeliners are packed in small tubes. All you have is to apply this eye makeup directly on your eye region to have a shiny and lustrous look.

Final Verdict

When choosing an eyeliner, it’s recommended that you pick the one that slithers smoothly and can’t stain easily on your skin. Besides, choose an eyeliner that matches your eye shape and color. It’s also necessary that you avoid using too much liner since it can make you look unnatural. Using any of the eyeliners listed above is all you need to add more touch on your looks.