Top 5 Hairstyles For Your Wedding Reception

Your big day would be planned well in advance and everything from a hairpin to the beads that are used on your wedding day would be of high importance. Most of the brides would hire a hairstylist to get their hair perfectly done for their receptions but, even with this the stylists should be able to do it the right manner. They should also know the different kinds of trends and the styles that are running in the fashion industry. The have to make use of all these styles to give a brand new look to the bride.

Most of the brides love to get buns done these days because it is quite popular and especially buns can keep you free from sweat. When the hair is tied up it would remain in place without creating any disturbance at all. So, when you are getting a hairstyle done for your wedding reception you must make sure to take care of the aesthetic appearance, the looks and overall beauty that a hairstyle does.In this article we have written about some of the best hairstyles that are going to be suitable for the wedding reception, you could try one of these too!

Open hair with side-swept curls

Well, keeping your hair open with the curls on the sides would be a perfect choice for your wedding reception. This hairstyle would look extremely gorgeous with a white mermaid skirt and high-heels. The side-swept curls can be quite a classy thing especially for people who have long faces. This hairstyle would make you look naturally gorgeous and elegant.

Low-side bun can also make you look classy

This has been considered to be one of the evergreen hairstyles. If you are inspired by Hollywood movie brides then, you are for sure going to try this hairdo on your wedding reception. This low-side bun can make you look like a queen as you walk down the aisle flaunting your lovely attire. This hairstyle is a perfect one to those who wants to achieve delicate looks.

Braids can look gorgeous too

Braids are the best ones to be done when you thinking for a perfect reception hairdo. There are different styles of braids that one can think of and some of the popular ones are as listed below:

  • Simple Half-Braided Style
  • Boho Fishtail Braid
  • Loose Fishtail Braid
  • Long Fishtail Braid
  • Intricate French Braid

Half-Up Curls With a Dutch Braid

All these braids have their own charm and it would be perfect hairstyles for the reception. These braids would make you look like a celebrity within an instance. Once you are confident with your hairstyles there is no look back at all. Just try these braids and look no less than a diva on you big day.

Messy can be beautiful too

Most of the brides these days want the girl-next-door looks to be achieved during their receptions. They prefer keep a messy look rather than a completely polished one. Low Volumized Hairdo with Twisted Top can be the perfect style for those girls who cannot spend a lot of time in getting a hairstyle done. This hairstyle can make you look like one of those heroines from the Disney movies. Don’t you think this can be a perfect choice on your wedding reception?

Straightened hair is still in trend

Well, if you do not like anything at all then just straighten your hair and walk confidently holding the hands of your beloved making people go crazy looking at that shiny and lustrous hair.

Well, these are some of the best hairstyles that one must try on their wedding receptions.


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