Top Five Looks Sported By Hollywood Models

Hollywood known as the city glamour has given us so many looks to get inspired from. They live a life that every girl dreams of. Almost all the models have a lean and slender structure. This is because there will be less alteration to do. It is not all about having a perfect body but the thought that goes behind it. The fabric, the embellishment and every single detail is what makes the outfit costly. Every fashionista out there will know the importance of each element that is paired with the outfit.

Models prefer luxury brands like Chanel, LV, Prada and the price of each garment may be sky rocketing. There are troops of stylists and makeup artists that work on a single model to make them look absolutely flawless. We love and adore all the Hollywood models for their beauty and charm. We might think that it is an easy process for a model but the harsh reality is they have to at least spend good amount of time everyday just to get ready. They have to be camera ready because paparazzi are always clicking their pictures.

1. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is known for her ethereal beauty and charming smile. She is one of the Victoria’s Secret models and considered to be a supermodel. She looks good even wearing the simplest of dress. One of the top look she has sported is a red power suit look. She wore a red suit with a white shirt and a red lip. This look was epitome of perfection and screamed out boss lady. Power suiting is not given enough credit but this look sported by her is an absolute winner. One of the best looks that not everyone is comfortable sporting and hats off to Gigi for pulling this look effortlessly.

2. Priyanka Chopra Jonas

She is a diva and unmistakably the best actress of our generation. We love almost all her looks but she looked ravishing when she had appeared in an off white dress. She wore an off white dress to the red carpet. She had slick back hair with flawless makeup on. She paired it with beautiful diamond studs and a clutch. She was looking like an angel who dropped from heaven. Everything was so flawless and perfect. She topped it off with a beautiful smile which was like a cherry on top.

3. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez popularly known as Jlo is such a flawlessly beautiful person. She has had many fabulous looks over the years but the recent gown she wore for golden globes was breath taking. She looked like a goddess walking around in her gown. The upper portion was made out of golden fabric and the bottom consisted of white and green fabric. She wore a braided bun to pull this look off. She looked like an embodiment of Mother Nature. Her makeup was flawless which consisted of smoky eyes with a nude lip.

4. Kendall Jenner

She is one of the top paid models of the industry with a charming face. When you scroll through her instagram page you will find her wearing a charming ruffle dress. This ruffle dress is red and fluffy and makes her look hot as hell. It is specifically tailored to her body and looks like she is on top of this world enjoying the dress. The best part of this look is the minimal usage of makeup which makes it look as if she was lit from within. She is an ace in modeling and she looked amazing in the pictures.


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