Top Indian Wedding Jewellery Trends

Known for its beautiful women with broad eyes and dusky skin complexion, India is one of the countries which have a lot of traditions and culture associated with it, especially when it comes to nuptials. To quote, Pierce Brosnan” I think Indian women are very beautiful. They have a sense of elegance and innocence” is true to every word mentioned because the classiness of Indian women can be seen in the way they dress up for their wedding. Every state has its own tradition and culture, and when the bride walks down the aisle, it is mandatory for her to look stunning from head to toe. Be it the wedding costume, the footwear, the make-up and the jewellery; everything has to be perfect on a bride because Indian weddings are a grand affair.

Getting the right kind of jewels that goes well with the attire is important else, the entire outfit may look out of place, killing the overall appearance of the bride. It’s not just the outfit of the bride that would give her an angelic feel; it’s always the jewels that she would be adorned with, which brings out the real beauty of the bride. The attire, along with the right kind of accessories, would complete the outfit. Witnessing Indian women decked up during the weddings can be a feast to the pair of eyes, so here we bring to you the list of Indian Jewelry Wedding trends which would make you all desire for them the very moment you finish reading this write-up.

Antique Temple Jewelry

The deadly combination of Kanjeevaram Silk saree coupled with Antique temple jewellery can be one of the killer looks that can be achieved by any bride. This makes the bride extremely elegant because the intricate carvings on the temple jewellery with the previous stones that are pressed in between are inspired by the architecture of the South Indian temples and the vibrant colours of the Kanjeevaram silks enhance the looks of the bride and transform her into a princess from one of the South-Indian dynasties. These jewels can be spotted generally in the South-Indian weddings.

Double-stranded Thick Necklaces

Has there been an instance where you have ended up admiring the neck-pieces from the movies like Jodha Akbar or Padmavat(the two great blockbusters of Bollywood) and dreamt of looking like those heroines on your wedding? Well, then here is your chance to impersonate those looks on your wedding with the Double stranded thick necklaces. This design has been taken by the Nizams of Hyderabad because this trend dates to back to that period. These jewels are extremely eye-catching and can make the bride look no less than a queen. However, these jewels would quickly dominate the overall looks if worn too many and can make look the bride gaudy. To achieve the perfect looks with this jewellery, it is important to keep them to a minimum.


Traditional jewellery never fails to increase the charm of the bride, and one classic example of such a jewellery piece is the Mathapatti. This is one of those jewels which were used mainly by the ladies as an object of ornamentation during the Mughals period. The trend has now kicked in again, and you can see a lot of beautiful brides wearing these pieces of jewellery on their head and alluring people with their elegant looks. Well, these are some of the major trending jewelry that can found in various Indian weddings and apart from these the multi-layer necklace, the large rings and the cocktail rings with precious gems have also made their way to the list of much-desired jewels by the Indian brides.


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