Traditional Fashion Accessories That Make Indian Women Look Unique

India took different fashion styles from different parts of the world. Apart from Indian clothing, there is a separate set of Indian accessories that are worn, especially by the women in India. These accessories, when paired with the traditional wear, will take the look of the women to the next level. The best part of these accessories is that they go well with the present trend in the fashion world. When you wear the accessories with the right colored outfit, you will stand out from the others in the crowd wherever you go. People could not stop staring at your beautiful and stylish looks. Few of the traditional fashion accessories that make Indian women look unique include:


This is an Indian tradition that has become fashionable these days. It is a red dot that is put on the forehead but by the married women. This is an example of Indian beauty and tradition. Bindi is the most critical part of the Indian women wardrobe. The fashion for the bindis will never go obsolete. They add a lot of beauty to the face of women. These bindis will come in a wide range of colors. You can get from a small black dot to the sparkles and matte shades. You can wear these colorful bindis on special occasions to look fashionable. Today, Bindi is standing as a fashion statement. The style of Bindi is embraced by the women in the West today.


These are the earrings that would make the women in India to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The Jhumkas can be worn on traditional attire to look beautiful. Besides, it boosts the beauty of women and is easy for them to carry with great style and elegance. They can also be adorned to the ears regularly to look dignified and professional. You can pair the Jhumkas with the Skirts, Kurtas, Palazzo, and other attires.


This gives a traditional look for every Indian girl. This is worn around the shoulders. Today, Dupatta is used for different purposes. These have been used as scarves and are draped around the face to cover it from dust. They are worn like a stole for Jeans and Kurtis to give a fashion statement.
Bangles: These are the signature style of India. This adds a tinge of traditional to modern attire. They play a crucial role in every wedding costume. These are made with a wide variety of materials such as gold, plastic, glass, shell, ivory, wood, and so on. This signifies feminist. The sound that is produced by the bangles is soothing to ears. You can also wear bangles in western attire too.


These are the cloth bags that are pretty famous in Rajasthan, and the demand for these bags is spread across India. You can carry this bag with ease. You can also reduce the usage of plastic by using these bags when you are stepping out. This is eco-friendly and at the same time, lets you make a fashionable statement to the world. These are available in a wide variety of colors that would give a great look when it is paired with traditional clothing. You can also wear Jholas in Jeans and Skirts.


Indian women wear these for centuries. These are lightweight and add a tinge of beauty when they are adorned to the ankle. These can be worn either on sarees or Kurtas. Today, it has become a fashion for people to wear anklets. These are available in different styles. You can choose the style of the anklet that suits your attire to look great and graceful while walking.


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