Trending Blouse Designs For Women

Choosing a best looking blouse depends on many factors like shape of body, face, shoulders, bust, and comfort level. Whatever your shape is, there is certainly a right stylish blouse for you that will suit you perfectly. How we look and project ourselves have a lot to do with the way others see us. No matter how expert we are at articulating our clothing and intentions, we still end-up in chaos when our clothes send a message contrary to our intent. The ultimate rule is appropriateness. If everyone is going to a party with their casual cotton Saree wear the same. Do not show up in your stunning expensive silk Saree. In short, wear a Saree that respond to your need for a non-stop glamour from morning till night. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as all-in-one look. One must find an effort to change and understand the different ways to achieve that particular look. Make sure you maintain consistency. Whatever style you project should not confuse those around you with the clothing message you are sending. You can’t be very haute in one day and the total opposite on the other day.

Blouse designs have been remained significant component of women fashion clothing of all cultures world over. Ladies blouses are quite common in all the countries but in different forms. They are worn as fancy tops over skirts and jeans etc. by the women in west and as a very essential accessory of saree in the east, especially in Asian countries like India, Srilanka, Pakistan, etc. Women in these countries are always on a look out for latest saree blouse design patterns. The saree blouse, from being a simple accessory for sarees has now become the center point of fashion for modern women who love to wear saree. They no more like the simple old design of blouses. They love to make it more and more attractive clothing which increases the charm of their Indian sarees many fold. So, here we compile the latest saree blouse designs- the desugner blouse patterns- making rage these days!

These designer blouse patterns give you instantly the look of a princess. The princess style blouse patterns mostly make use of ruffles, frills and even saree borders to give you a retro fashion look- the very much in thing as per the women fashion trends 2011! You may opt for a trendy bustier with ruffled hem design and even an asymmetrical spaghetti straps. It looks good with large border saree in contrasting colors. Fashion designers are always experimenting with the saree blouse designs. In designer blouses, designers often experiment with the neck designs, sleeve designs including the fabrics used in making these blouses. They are very fashionable and stylish. Influenced by western culture, there are beautiful necklines and back designs in these blouses which add grace and glamor to any simple outfit. The latest style in designer blouse is the beaded blouse. The whole blouse is made up of semi precious beads and stones which give an altogether different look to the wearer.


The Indian sari has always been largest Moslem population in the world.Hot indian women for Blouse designs houses very India is a vast and heavily populated country. Size wise elegant piece of garment, which was always and streams of Hinduism are a legion. In addition India is home to the second worn with a choli or a blouse. significant minorities of Christians, Sikhs, Jains and Parsis tight fitting blouse that is worn under the sari. This pattern evolved around the tenth century and some of the first designs covered only the front area,to tribal. The major religion Hot indian women for Blouse designs Hinduism but here also the number of sects with the back being bare in this case. During the ancient days, such blouses were not stitched at religions and races from Mongolic to Dravidian and Aryan in fact this garment was simply fastened at the back with a knot.