Trends 2020 Sandals And More For Your Summer!

We love summer! And so that we can thoroughly enjoy every sunny day, it is all the more important that our feet are in shoes that match both high temperatures and mood and outfit. So that you are equipped for every occasion this summer, we have the most beautiful shoe trends 2020 for you, which ensure well-being and a great outfit at high temperatures!

Mules: a mega shoe trend 2020 with or without heels

Mules have been with us for a while now, but in 2020 they will be sandals in particular – not just with an open heel, but also with free toes – a guarantee of a stylish look. Mules without heels have a casual, modern yet sophisticated look. If you love a decisive touch of elegance on your summer shoes, you can go for mules with a kitten heel or a midi heel.

Shoe trends 2020: Cream boots call for spring!

And how do you best combine mules? Basically, everything goes with these stylish foot friends. Combinations with short pants suits are particularly trendy – in other words, dress pants in Bermuda length. But mules can also pimp casual jeans or complement a summery midi dress.

“Strappy Sandals” aka strappy sandals

This trend has ridden to us on the retro wave from the 90s – “strappy sandals” are sneaky and grab strappy sandals – the trend is primarily with filigree strappy straps that are either minimalistic, that is to say very limited, or are artistically connected. Another souvenir from the 90s: the delicate sandals are particularly popular when the toes are angular. Strappy sandals are also real combination experts. They are particularly suitable for elegant outfits or for exciting style breaks. How about a casual Bermuda-length jeans, a white t-shirt, an oversized blazer and delicate strappy sandals with heels?

The most controversial of all shoe trends 2020: “Chunky Sandals”

The “Chunky” or “Ugly” trend cannot be killed. And that’s just as well. Because this trend is a statement: femininity can also be chunky, rough and strong! From certain temperatures, Ugly Dad sneakers or combat boots are of course no longer the perfect companion – and this is where chunky sandals come into play: Admittedly, almost only fashion lovers understand this fashionable statement, but that’s one more reason, the chunky trekking sandals to playful, feminine floral dresses or to wear elegant short pants suits and to shake up the idea of ​​what is “feminine” and “beautiful”.

BTW: If the current chunky sandals are a ‘touch too much’, you can also simply grab the very classic Birkenstocks with two wide straps and buckles. They come very close to the shape of the chunky sandals and can be combined exactly as they are, but they are a widely used and generally accepted classic.

Plateau: yes! Espadrille: Logical!

70s platform with block heel or continuous platform sole – or classic espadrilles? It doesn’t really matter, because sandals of this type will always work in summer – trend or not. But in terms of technology, this year it is definitely also possible to go high with sandals, including wedge and block heels or even consistently high plateaus. For the extra-summer vibe, we use braided bast heels and earthy, pastel or brightly colored colors. In terms of combination, there are of course no limits to these classic trend summer shoes in 2020 either.


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