Trends 2020 What’s Coming, What’s Going, What’s Staying

The new year has begun. What that means? We don’t write 19 after the point. We also have a lot of good resolutions that we implement or soon forget. But more importantly, a new year also means a new season and many new styles that await us. Reason enough to deal with this topic extensively. What’s new for us? What can we still wear? And which styles should we better sort out?

These trends await us in 2020


Transparency is THE trend topic par excellence. Either processed as a detail or as a whole style in the form of blouses, shirts and dresses. Bralettes made of lace or silk-satin tops flash out from among these pretty favorite pieces. In combination with jeans, they are now quite wearable in everyday life.

Bermuda shorts

Have you already seen this trend in Pernille Teisbaek, Leandra Medine or Kim Kardashian and never thought that it would make it into our wardrobes? We feel the same way. Shorts have been reserved for the little ones since the 80s. Until now! Bermudas, cycling shorts and Co. have actually reached the trade after the catwalks. Styling the shorts is not that easy. High-heeled shoes stretch the leg a little. Longer tops conceal problem areas.

Metallic tones

Self-confident power women get their money’s worth with this trend. In 2020, shirts, dresses, blouses, shoes and bags will shine. The interaction of light and innovative, reflective materials, in combination with muted colors, ensures that the wonderfully changeable styles are suitable for everyday use. We are now opening our wardrobes for the lifestyle of the future!

Toe kickers

After the health slippers Birkenstock flood another shoe floods to the fashion country: toe kicks are back! In the 90s THE summer shoe par excellence, you could only see it in the swimming pool in recent years. In the 2020 fashion season, it is back in everyday life. The perfect downdress for flowing dresses or elegant pantsuits and simply super comfortable.

Polka dots

“Stripes, stripes, stripes. Regardless of whether it is plain or multi-colored, the main thing is stripes. Now a U-turn is announced. To score: Our beloved polka dots are back! Whether classic in black and white or in bright colors, large or small dots: we love them all!


Pockets, zippers, button strips, variable details: all styles that are reminiscent of practical work or military clothing fit the utility trend. High-cut cargo pants and stylish Bermuda shorts are combined into tight cropped tops. Style breaks are expressly desired: elegant skirts are combined with rough boots, missing pockets are compensated with belt pockets and the practical casual look is ready. In terms of color, we move from classic beige and khaki tones to fresh blue or white. We like to look particularly tough in these outfits.

What trends are accompanying us in the new 2020 season?

Trench coats

Trench coats are classics in fashion. No spring without the noble, figure-flattering favorite. Whether classic in beige, exciting in white or brand new with deconstructed details and extravagant cuts, trench coats simply belong in every wardrobe.

Puff sleeves, club sleeves, shoulder pads and Co.

It has long been hidden rather than emphasized. They should be delicate, narrow and delicate. It’s over now! We show what we have and emphasize it. Who are we talking about? Quite simply: from our shoulders. Stressed shoulder areas will be omnipresent in 2020. Tops, blazers and dresses will be accented with shoulder pads, puff sleeves and club sleeves. This ensures an edgy look and flatters while emphasizing the waist of our figure.


Pantsuits have been visible on the streets since last season. And that’s just as well. The two-part stands for equality, feminine strength and self-confidence and these attributes are welcome to be carried out. Plaid or plain-colored, classic or wide and figure-flattering cut – whatever you like is allowed and whatever we want. For the fashion professionals among you there are now combinations with Bermuda shorts. When going to the office, however, you should make sure that the pants are cut long enough.

Wide pants

A trend reversal in terms of leg wear has been evident for some time. The very slim cut skinny jeans can still be seen in the street scene, but other shapes are always intermingled. We are now used to mom jeans, paperbag pants and culottes. Straight jeans and wide Marlene shapes are new. All cut shapes have one thing in common: they are high-waist cut and end at the navel.

Dad sneaker

The rough, chunky shoes will remain in the new season. They are not only combined with jeans and trousers, but also with swinging dresses and skirts. In addition to the high-priced models à la Balenciaga or Prada, there are now also cheaper pairs from other manufacturers.

The 2020 fashion trends can come. We are ready!

Relaxed silhouettes, unexcited combinations and soft colors – these are the attributes that best describe the new fashion year 2020. Everything gets wider and more fluid. Of course, it remains uncertain whether and how quickly the new trends will prevail on the road. I personally am particularly happy about the new variety in legwear. The skinny jeans were okay, but now it’s just time for something new.


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