Trendy Designer Bangles Available in the Market

Bangles are a popular type of jewellery that can be worn with different kinds of outfits and are the perfect and comfortable to wear accessory for women all over the planet. Bangles are round jewellery that is made by using materials like gold, silver, platinum, other metals, plastic, glass and other easy to use materials. Bangles can be made of precious stones, and precious metals and these kinds of bangles are more expensive than others made from using simple, inexpensive materials. Bangles are designed in such a way that they suit women and go with various types of clothing options.

Nowadays, modern jewellery designers buy different types of bangles and fashions keep changing in this type of jewellery. Bangles are available online and in all major fashion stores selling jewellery. Bangles are considered an vital jewellery item for married women in many cultures and women wear such bangles for special events. Bangles are a very versatile form of jewellery. There are new and latest fashions that keep changing the style of bangles all over the world. The following are some of the most common trends in designer bangles in the 21st century for women to wear in for different types of occasions:

Types of Designer Bangles

Traditional Designer Bangles

There are various types of ethnic, traditional, contemporary and modern styles of bangles available in the market. Thick bracelet styles bangles with a broad width are made with solid gold in various patterns are very popular. Top latest designer bangles include wave pattern designs, distinguished looking kadas, gold and gemstone studded bangles and thick chain bracelet style designer bangles are all very much in vogue across the globe. Leafy patterns, flowery patterns, traditional designs and especially gold bangles with small diamonds are all trendy in conventional patterns. Jaipur lac traditional bangles are famous with brides who like to wear elaborate chudas at their weddings. Spiral twisted bangles, gold dotted bangles, and bangles with intricate designs are all in style in the 21st century.

Modern Designer Bangles

Gold, silver, pearls, gemstones, platinum, white gold and rose gold are all top options for modern designer bangles. Beads, plastic, wood, and other materials are also used in various forms of contemporary designer bangles. Top latest designer bangles include different shapes patterns and designs. Most modern bangles include designs and patterns like arrows, swords, flowers, leaves, heart shapes, bows, butterflies and other minimalistic patterns. Peacock design bangles are very trendy these days as well as simple metallic bangles. Plastic designer bangles in bright fluorescent colours that match with the sarees colours are all worn with the younger crowd. Fabric string jewellery in different colours is designer bangles option that is popular these days.

Bangles are a versatile style of designer jewellery and there are different types of modern designer bangles as well as traditional designer bangles available in the market. Designer bangles are one of the top sellers at most jewellery shops and also online, and every season there are new types of jewellery options available in the market. These bangles are worn with different clothing items and accessible for almost all occasions.


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