Want To Look Like A Diva? Try These Indian Design Blouses Today

Lady in a saree is no lesser than a diva! The looks and the charm which can be achieved with this attire are incomparable with any other piece of garment. Sarees when worn with the right kind of designer blouses can enhance the overall looks of the entire costume. Don’t be surprised to know that some of the ladies first get the blouses and then shop for the sarees that match those blouses. Wearing these exquisite blouses can make bring in the princess out of you.

There are different patterns in the blouses as well, and every design has its own charismaand one must also remember to get the blouses stitched based on their body types. A lot of fashion stylists these days recommend a mix and match style of saree and blouse as that’s the latest trend. The pattern on the blouse material decides the design of the blouse as the look achieved has to be flawless. Mentioned below are some of the contemporary, Indian design blouses that can be worn with sarees when you are taking part in any of the occasions.

1. Look magical with the sheer net sleeves

This is one of the most beautiful trends which are suitable for see-through sarees made using the georgette and broche material. The blouse material would also be sheer hence, it is mandatory to get a lining, and you can play with your creativity with the lining by creating various designs. The quarter length sleeves with contrast colours would be a highlight and can give a magical look to the entire outfit. This design blouse always goes well with the sarees with floral motifs.

2. Mirrors, mirrors everywhere!

Well, this is one of the most common designs which would be seen when you take a tour around the roads of Rajasthan. This is one of those works which can be done to increase the overall appearance of the blouse, and when you walk around wearing these deep neck mirror work blouses, all the eyes would certainly be on you. This blouse is a perfect match with plain sarees with mirror work on the border. Get the mirrors attached only on the back and also on one side of the blouse-cup and get lace attached at the back neck to make it look sexier. Apart from heavy earrings, you do not need anything when you are wearing this blouse.

3. Know this air hostess cut blouse

This is one of the most popular retro blouses that would be embellished and stitched trendily in the front. The overall looks of the saree would get enhanced when you wear this blouse and flaunt around. The style can be chosen the way you want to, and these designs are to be worn with see-through and sheer sarees to let the look speak for itself.

4. Back embroidery is classic

The classiness of an embroidery work would never go out of trend because most of the ladies even to this day love getting hand embroidery done on the blouses that they wear because of the richness it gives. Gone are the days where these embroidered were to be worn with fine sarees instead, modern day designer sarees, especially the light-weight ones can be matched really well with these blouses. Embroidery work with the contrast colour would be even more appealing and can make the lady look divine. This blouse can be carried off well with some accessories made of gold as it completes the look. Share us your experiences about how you felt trying these Indian blouse designs!


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