Try These Indian Sarees To Enhance Your Looks

Sarees always enhance the beauty of a woman, and there is no doubt about this, but, it all again depends on the kinds of sarees. The choices in Indian sarees are many, and they can be worn for different occasions in various styles. Some of the sarees also have a history attached to them as they are native to that land and draping those sarees can instantly uplift the overall looks of a lady. If you are looking to increase your poise in any of the occasions or events then, sarees can be perfect attire because of the overall appearance and grace it brings to the wearer.

Known as one of the highest levels of formal clothing amongst the Indian traditional wear, a saree can make anyone look really gorgeous. Getting to know different Indian sarees to be worn for particular occasions can be quite a beneficial one, isn’t it? None of us would want to look plain and mundane when we are attending functions, or any special event isn’t it? So, here we bring a list of sarees that can quickly turn you into an angel. Get ready to sweep people off their feet with your charming looks.

1. Kanjeevaram Sarees

These sarees are known to be one of the best ones to have in your collections if you are into a lot of weddings and other traditional ceremonies. This saree is regarded to be one of the grandest sarees from South-India, and a wedding ceremony would be incomplete without this saree. Most of the people in the south prefer having this saree as part of their wardrobe because of the rich and elegant looks that this saree offers when they drape it. The jewel lovers should always buy this saree as this saree generally comes in bold and vibrant colours with contrast borders.

2. Assam Silk Sarees

This is one of those sarees that are native to Assam, and most of the Assamese would love to flaunt in these sarees because of the intricacies that are involved in weaving these sarees. The thread work is indigenous to this place, which is woven on the gold coloured Moga silk in a small town near Guwahati. This saree can always be teamed up light ornaments as it makes the overall appearance classic. Wearing these sarees in one layer can be a perfect thing as the golden coloured saree with the delicate thread work can make it even more appealing.

3. Mysuru Silk Sarees

These are yet another kind of sarees which would immediately grab your attention because of the elegance and also the fabric it is made up of. Mysuru Silk sarees are very beautiful and come in plain bright colours with golden borders that make you look extraordinary. These sarees are simple yet archetypal hence; they can be worn for any occasion. Minimal jewellery with some lovely hairstyle can make you look like an angel instantly.

4. Bhandani Saree

These are the sarees that would be mostly found in the regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat. This is one of those sarees which you must certainly pick if you want to show off your curvaceous side of yours because the material of the saree is extremely delicate and thin. When draped, the saree flows on your body, making it comfortable. Heavy silver jewels with can be the best way to augment the overall looks.

5. Kalamkari Sarees

Sarees with brilliant motifs of animals, birds and other Hindu mythological characters would be printed on these sarees, and this makes it one of the best sarees to be worn if you want to look really different. These sarees are inspired by the sculptures found in the Indian temples and thus making it artistic. A three-fourth sleeve blouse with a high collar and heavy silver earrings and bangles with a large binding make you look no lesser than a figurine for sure.

Well, these are some of the Indian sarees that you got to try when you are planning to attend any of the occasions. Be ready to get showered with compliments and come back to add more of these sarees to your collection!


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