Try These Simple Indian Hairstyles For Gorgeous Looks

Indian women are known to be one of the most beautiful ones in the world, and that is true to every syllable because of the magnificence and the classiness that is displayed in every stride they take. The women in India are born with a sense of royalty, and that is because of the kinds of attire, the jewels everything radiates exquisiteness. The looks that are achieved can kindle the imaginations in everyone who takes a look at them. Paying attention to every minute detail from head to toe is what adds to the modishness. The beautiful dark tresses, coupled with some of the simplest hairstyles, would quickly exude a majestic look altogether.

Some of these hairstyles are suitable for all occasions and also is made to suit almost all the outfit. Some of the simple hairstyles like the French Plaits, a high pony-tail or even a simple braid with beads can also give a stunning look and it is totally dependent on the way it is made. So, here in this write-up let’s take a quick sneak peek of some of the simple Indian hairstyles which can make you look like a princess.

1. How about being a mermaid?

Yes, we are talking about the most elegant fishtail braid which looks tedious to be made but is one of the simplest amongst all the other hairstyles. Suitable for all occasions this is one of the most followed hairstyles of this generation because of the polished looks it gives. This hairstyle has no restrictions concerning the attire, and it is suitable for all the occasions too. The same hairstyle can be further made to achieve the Bohemian looks by flattening the braid and loosening it a little bit to get the ruffles. This is one of the perfect hairstyles for people with straight and silky mid-length hair.

2. Hair and waterfalls, a deadly combination isn’t it?

Stepping out with your BAE for a discotheque or are you are going out on a cocktail party with your friends! Waterfall Braid is one of the classiest and the trendiest amongst a lot of young lasses these days. The hairstyle after done looks like an effervescent and cascading waterfalls flowing seamlessly. This hairstyle looks lovely with a cocktail dress or a little black dress too. The braid can be done either in the middle or to the sides with the rest of the hair down. Achieve these looks and step out confidently with a pair of stilettos and rock the show. People with mid-length straight hair and wavy hair can choose to get this hairstyle done.

3. Do you want some honeybees to rest in your hair?

Most of the yesteryear actresses from the 60’s Bollywood movies would be seen in this gorgeous Beehive Ponytail. This is one of the most fabulous hairstyles that are back in trend, and most of the ladies love to get this hairstyle done when they are draped in grand-looking sarees or lehengas accessorized with stones and sequins.

This is one of the quickest hairstyles to be achieved; hence, if you are running short of time, you know what hairstyle to fall back on. All you need is a shining product to make the hair voluminous. Make a pony tail after you have created a puffy look on the top by asphyxiating the hair. This hairstyle would look striking with traditional attire. Walk hand in hand with your loved one while everyone else is left in a state of pleasant shock looking at your charismatic looks. Now that you know some of the simple hairstyles, rush back home and try all of these and let us know your experience!


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