Various Women Dress That Are Fashionable In India

Fashion is evolving day by day. India cannot lose track of fashion. It stays on par with the trend that is followed globally and sometimes set the fashion. When tourists come to India, which is also known as Land of color, the first thing that is noticed by the tourists is the fashion sense of Indian women. Indian women wear different types of dresses to give a fashion statement to the world. The traditional clothing that is worn depends on the ethnicity and region. The clothing of women has changed from saree to western wear. Women wear traditional attire during festival times. India has different weaves, fabrics, and colors, which make every piece of attire unique. Here are the different types of clothing that is worn by the Indian women, and that stand as evergreen fashion includes:

Sari (Saree)

The first eternal fashion that comes to the mind of every Indian woman is Sari. This is an unstitched cloth that is draped around the body. This is worn along with a petticoat and a blouse. This makes women look beautiful and dignified. This is worn by women in urban and rural areas. In fact, the travelers coming to India from different parts of the world would love to buy a sari and try draping it. The draping style varies from one state in India to another state. You also get different varieties of sarees that are very famous in that particular region. This is wrapped around the waist and over to the shoulder. The saree signifies grace in Indian culture.


The young girls in India would love to wear this traditional attire, which is taking the fashion world by storm today. This is also worn by the Indian brides. It is a kind of skirt that comes with traditional embroidery and makes the bride look royal. This is the symbol of elegance and beauty. The Lehenga saree is a new saree trend that is set in India. This is a blend of both the traditional saree and Lehenga choli.

Ghagra Choli

This used to be a fashion a few years ago, but the wind of its fashion is blowing across India again in recent times. This Ghagra Choli is also known as Lehenga choli, which is the quite popular attire that is worn by Indian women. This is the traditional clothing of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Choli is a kind of blouse that is worn on the upper part of the body, and Ghagra is a shirt that is worn in the bottom portion. This also comes with a dupatta. This makes women look like a princess.

Shalwar Kameez

This is the most comfortable and loved attire by every woman in India. The fashion for this Shalwar Kameez will never go obsolete. There are different types of Shalwar Kameez float into the market. However, this is worn by both women and men, but the style would differ. The Shalwar is a pajama that is loose while Kameez is the shirt that is worn on the top. This can be worn for weddings, offices, small parties, and other places.

Langa Voni

This is the traditional Indian attire that is worn by teenage girls, especially in South India. The craze for this attire is still there for a long time. This is a half saree that has a skirt, choli, and Voni, which is draped around the waist and diagonal to the choli.

These are a few clothing that stands top in Indian women’s fashion. The fashion of India will never stop to surprise the tourists. Every Indian dress is creative. The pattern, color, and detail of the dress make it look attractive.


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