Washing Socks: These Are The Most Important Care Tips

They are used (almost) every day, keep your feet warm and at the same time protect your shoes: Socks are one of those items of clothing that you simply cannot do without.Since socks have to go through a lot every day, they should be washed after each use. The good thing: washing socks is not a science. Nevertheless, there are a few tips to keep in mind when cleaning, so that the pieces are really hygienically clean. From the right washing temperature to the best detergent – here are the most important care tips for socks.

Washing socks: it depends on the material!

The temperature at which and with which washing program socks can be washed in the machine depends entirely on the material they are made of. Because depending on the material, socks need different cleaning.¬†While pieces made of polyester, for example, are quite insensitive, you should be a little more careful with socks made of merino wool or nylon stockings. For this reason, it is advisable to always take a look at the instructions on the manufacturer’s care label before cleaning.

Important: Socks should not only be sorted by material, but also by color before they end up in the washing machine . As with other items of clothing, white , black and colored socks should be washed separately. This prevents the textiles from discoloring and possibly an unsightly gray haze.

Wash cotton socks

Cotton socks are quite robust and easy to care for. However, they must not be washed too hot, otherwise there is a risk that the textiles will shrink. What temperature for cotton socks? Cotton socks should not be washed hotter than 30, maximum 40 degrees. Very high quality pieces can often be cleaned at 60 degrees. The care instructions provide information here.

The right detergent for socks made of cotton: A mild or heavy-duty detergent is recommended. Make sure that the detergent does not contain bleach, otherwise the fibers can be damaged. Fabric softener is also taboo.

Wash socks made of virgin, merino or alpaca wool

Basically, the higher the percentage of wool in the socks, the lower the washing temperature should be. Socks made of merino, new wool or alpaca wool do not tolerate high temperatures and can shrink when it is hot.

What temperature for wool socks? Socks made from special wool are ideally cleaned in the washing machine at 30 degrees. In addition, the items of laundry should be washed on a gentle cycle without spinning.

Wash fine stockings

Fine stockings, for example made of polyester , polyamide and elastane, are very sensitive and should therefore only be cleaned gently in the machine. To protect the sensitive fibers from damage, you can also put the sensitive nylons or stockings in a laundry net (order here from Amazon *).

What temperature for fine stockings? Fine stockings should not be washed hotter than 30 degrees and on a gentle cycle. If the temperature is too high, the fibers could melt. Alternatively, the pieces can also be cleaned by hand.

The right detergent for fine stockings:A mild detergent is recommended for cleaning the fine stockings. This preserves the color and protects the fabric and fibers.

Wash functional socks

Compression stockings or functional socks that are worn during sports often consist of a mixture of different synthetic fibers such as polyester or elastane. The material is particularly breathable and transports sweat away from the skin to the outside. To ensure that it stays that way even after machine washing and that the fibers are not destroyed, the socks must not be washed too hot.

What temperature for functional socks? Wash functional socks on a gentle cycle at a maximum of 40 degrees. If the stockings are washed too hot, the synthetic fibers can shrink and the material can be damaged.

The right detergent for functional socks:Functional socks are best cleaned with mild detergent. In addition, a hygiene detergent should be used to completely remove sweat, germs and bacteria. To ensure that socks are really hygienically clean, they should also be turned inside out before washing.

How do I wash socks for foot and nail fungus?

Anyone who suffers from foot or nail fungus should definitely wash their socks after each use. Otherwise the fungi can get stuck in the fibers and are difficult to remove. In addition, the items of laundry should be cleaned separately and never put in the laundry basket with other items of clothing. It is best to wash the socks with a hygienic detergent at 60 degrees. Only in this way are germs and bacteria completely killed. Since not all stockings can withstand such a high washing temperature, it is recommended to use cotton models that can be washed with hot water in the case of foot or nail fungus.

Drying socks properly

After the socks have been washed, drying is on the program. It is recommended to hang the textiles on the clothes horse or clothes line to dry. Fine stockings, wool and functional socks do not tolerate intense heat and can shrink in the dryer or lose their shape. Socks made of sturdy cotton can usually also be tumble dried at a low temperature.


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