Washing The Down Jacket: These Are The Most Important Care Tips

Nothing keeps us warmer in the cold season than a thick down jacket. But how do you clean the must-have for the winter properly? Find out here what to look for when you want to wash your down jacket. Down jackets and coats are particularly popular companions in winter, when it gets really uncomfortable outside. The thick jackets keep you warm and protect perfectly against wind and weather. They are also breathable and nice and comfortable.

But like other jackets and items of clothing, down jackets and down coats also have to be washed over time. The problem: Real feathers are quite sensitive to moisture and can quickly clump together when washed and dried. We’ll show you how to wash your down jacket properly and which mistakes you should avoid during cleaning in order to have your down jacket as long as possible.

Can you wash down jackets in the washing machine?

The first question most people ask themselves when it comes to washing their down jackets is: Can I wash my jacket in the washing machine or do I have to hand wash it?

You can find out whether you can put your winter jacket in the washing machine from the instructions on the manufacturer’s care label. If the jacket is not machine-safe, the garment should be sent to the dry cleaner or hand washed. As a rule, most down jackets and down coats can be washed in the washing machine. Prerequisite: the washing machine offers sufficient space. If you want to wash your jacket in the machine, the drum should have a capacity of at least six kilograms so that the jacket can move easily in the drum.

Basically, down jackets should be washed as rarely as possible. If you wash it too often, there is a risk that the winter piece will collapse and lose its shape. In order to remove bad odors, it is usually sufficient to ventilate the coat outdoors. Light soiling can usually be removed with a damp cloth and a little washing-up liquid or detergent.

Washing down jackets in the washing machine: this is how it works

Before the down jacket lands in the machine, it should be turned inside out to protect the material and all zippers should be closed. In addition, the winter jacket should be cleaned on its own, so it is better not to add any other laundry items to the drum.

Which washing program is suitable for down jackets?

It is recommended that the down jacket or coat be washed on the delicate or wool wash cycle. They usually contain a very high proportion of water and this is important so that the fabric is completely immersed in the lye. Some washing machines even have a special cleaning program for down.

Since down jackets soak up a lot of water during the washing process, a short spin program is important afterwards. However, this should not be too strong in order not to damage the material. A low speed of 800 revolutions is recommended.¬†When the regular washing process is over, an additional rinse (“Rinse Plus” or “Extra Rinse”) should be started with clear water to remove all detergent residues and residues.

At how many degrees are down jackets washed?

How hot the down jacket can be cleaned in the machine can be found on the manufacturer’s care label. As a rule, the down pieces are washed at 30 degrees, maximum 40 degrees. After washing, the textile is very heavy and still contains residual moisture. Nevertheless, the down jacket or down coat should never be wrung out or pressed hard. This can cause the sensitive feathers to stick and clump together.

How do I remove stains from the down jacket?

If the down jacket is heavily soiled ( e.g. grease marks or make-up stains), it is best to pretreat it before cleaning it in the machine. This works best with liquid gall soap, which is suitable for wool and silk and thus also for down. Alternatively, you can use a down detergent to help. Simply apply some gall soap to the stain before washing it in the machine and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Then wash out the treated area with a damp, soft cloth or sponge and wash the jacket in the machine as usual.

Down jacket dry without a dryer

If you don’t have a tumble dryer, it is best to take the down jacket to a professional dry cleaner. Although the garment can be spread out on a clothes horse or dried on the heater, this method is usually not recommended. To prevent the down from sticking and regaining its volume, the jacket would have to be shaken up every few minutes. This not only costs time, it also carries some risks. For example, waterlogging could form, which leaves stains on the surface.


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