Ways To Dress Bohemian

If you are a free spirited woman then this style will be your absolute favorite. This style is free, simple, loose has no bounds. If you are that girl who wants her dress to look like her mind on the inside then this is for you. This gypsy look good on any girl, let alone be tall or short, skinny or healthy. This has been in trend since last few years and every girl embraces this look. However there are few things that you have to keep in mind when you are going for that boho chic look.

You have to remember that this look is closer to nature and is actually inspired from nature. Therefore earthy tones like browns, greens, whites, light blues any color that is close to nature is good to pick for boho chic look. The next thing to keep in mind is the jewelry and accessories. Threaded and beaded jewelry is what you should be opting for. There are a lot of options for statement boho chic earrings. For bags you can go for cloth bags which have barely simple prints like leaves or flowers. You have to keep it as close to nature as possible.

1. The easy breezy dress

One of the most popular styles in boho chic are dresses. These dresses have a very looses silhouette and is very loosely gathered. This might not show up your curves and the best hack that you can use to create dimension and curves is by adding a belt to your upper waist or the narrowest portion of your waist. This will gather the whole look. You can go with a short or a long version of this dress depending on your style. Use statement earrings and neck pieces that will bring the outfit together.

2. The denim look

If you want to look bohemian in denim then the perfect option is going for some mom jeans and paring it with a neutral color tee shirt. Make sure your tee shirt is loose so that you can knot the tee shirt at the waist. Add a neutral color jacket which will help you to ease out the look. You can add a funky stole to tie the look together. Add some funky earrings and some wooden bangles to complete this look. This style is great to look covered up and still look fashionable.

3. The pirate look

If you want to look like a bohemian girl then one of the best option is a pirate dress. This dress is off the shoulder and has elastic band on the waist to give definition to your waist. Usually this dress would come in a white, off white or light blue color and is perfect for summers and beaches. This truly looks nomadic and is a very fun look to opt for. For accessories go for a floral head band. Wear some bangles and keep it simple with the earrings. You can go for a long thin chain around your neck.

4. The skirt look

If you are uncomfortable showing off your legs then going for a long wrapper on skirt will also do the trick and will make you look a hundred percent bohemian. You can either wear a plain neutral button down shirt or a tee shirt or knot it at the waist. Loose beach waves or put your hair into a loose messy bun. This would be a really comfortable look if you want to go out for shopping or just strolling around the beach. You can pair it with some funky threaded earrings to complete the look.


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