We Walk Through This Year In Style | Shoe Trends

The year 2019 is here! And many fashion fans are wondering which soles we are walking through this year. We reveal which dream shoes come with the shoe trends 2019 . And for everyone who is attached to their favorites from last year : Some trends from 2018 remain with us! These shoe trends will be our constant companions in 2019. Fashion trends will be loud in 2019 – there are hardly any limits to the imagination, patterns and shapes . That doesn’t stop at our shoes either.

Trekking boots and sandals

Chunky and coarse: in 2019 we love a strong appearance. This works especially with trekking boots (or in summer with trekking sandals) or combat boots. This includes a bit of courage to be ugly – or at least to not be obviously beautiful. Styling outside of the usual rules of beauty is rewarded with fresh and strong looks . Trekking boots and sandals: the most practical shoe trend 2019

New shapes: square shoe tips and artistic heels

Pointed shoes – whether as pumps, boots or boots – have been our loyal companions for a while now. No wonder, because they make a slender foot and extend the leg as if by magic. In 2019, however, geometric shapes are now taking the helm: from square-shaped shoe tips to artistically designed heels – shoe silhouettes now particularly impress us with their different nature.

Well laced is half-styled for the 2019 shoe trends

“Lace up!” is the motto here. Lacing on boots, boots or even sandals is already half our outfit this year. Why? Simply because they give that simple jeans, a reserved pencil skirt or an elegant culotte that certain something.

Transparency, metallic look, feathers, fringes and animal prints

We are not really surprised: transparency, metallic looks, feathers, fringes, mesh materials and animal prints will make our new dream shoes real eye-catchers in 2019. This year everything that shouts “Hello, I’m different!” Is warmly welcomed.

We will continue to wear these favorite shoes in 2019

Phew! Although every real fashion lover is curious about new trends, it is always nice to hear that the darlings who are already in the shoe cabinet are still totally up-to-date. Honestly: The love of once chosen shoes should savor a woman as long as she wants – trends or not.

Cowboy boots

This trend is a huge topic in winter and summer! No wonder, because cowboy boots can handle any weather and style break. Whether with a boho floral dress or a serious trouser suit – with cowboy boots we can do everything!

Ugly Dad sneakers: shoe trends are showing courage again in 2019

Ugly Dad sneakers – also known as chunky sneakers – have come to stay. At least this year, because athletic looks and style breaks with athleisure pieces are just too beautiful to say goodbye to them again. Whether Buffalo Classic or Nike Air Max – above all , we don’t want to miss a chunky sole on our sneakers this year either.

Overknees and sock boots as long as possible

At least as long as it is cold or uncomfortable, we continue to wear our overknees and sock boots. The latter, with their slim and elegant shape, somehow go with everything, while Overknees are now even getting an update: They can now also be cut further and loosely play around our legs. Combine overknees: outfits to fall in love with

Kitten heels and kitten boots

This trend is just right for us – or it came just right for us and now we can be happy that it will stay: Kitten heels, i.e. small heels of a maximum of 5 centimeters, are just as elegant as higher stiletto heels but much (!) More comfortable .

Welcome spring in loafers, mules and babouches

Serious and casual at the same time? No problem with loafers, mules or – a little more unusual – babouches. The open heel makes these shoe models perfect for the transitional period and so we can be happy to be able to get them out of the closet and carry them out this spring – and also totally in line with the trend!


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