Wearing The Bob: How To Make This Nineties Hat Exciting?

Stylistic reminiscent of the 90s, the bob is now on the heads of girls who dictate the rules of good conduct in fashion. To move up a gear in terms of style and make this headgear sexy, we draw a good lesson from these street-looks which upgrade the notion of the simple bob. The ultimate seasonal accessory, the bob divides despite itself, and creates two schools. Those who adopt it with style and those who balk at all costs, without knowing its merits.

Chosen as the ideal alternative to golden straw hats , the bob is nevertheless making a comeback on the fashion sphere . And for good reason, with its nonchalant draw, this shapeless hat that protects us in the event of a downpour as well as a heat wave, regains its letters of nobility by appearing on seasoned fashionistas. Another asset and not the least, the bob is as credible on the asphalt than at the beach, provided you know how to upgrade your fashion quotient.


To dust off its outdated side and bring a touch of femininity to this trendy headwear, we put on a bob of character that we associate with a fluid dress , refined slingbacks, and we contrast the whole with a sporty satchel . And for the most reluctant, we advise you to bet on a discreet model, and to twist it with a total denim look , enhanced by strappy sandals and embellished with an extra large bag.


Reissued by fashion houses, the bob sees its image regain thanks to the spring-summer 2020 fashion shows , which loudly proclaimed the return of this much-maligned nineties accessory . And on each catwalk , the bob reinvented itself. In a sportswear version at Fendi, animal prints at R13, and logo at Tommy Hilfiger… This year, the bob is reinventing itself, acclimating and redefining itself.

Adored or feared whatever, the bob is offering a new comeback on the front of the fashion scene. And if this revival of the turn of the century is synonymous with bad taste for some, know that the girls to follow and the big names in fashion propel this misunderstood accessory, to the rank of indispensable of the moment. Cap on bobs to shop and wear with style, to protect yourself from UV this summer.

While the bucket hat echoes the tourist accessory par excellence, the bob is despite itself a call to order in the fashion world. And for good reason, faced with this season which takes place under the sign of sportswear , the most prominent designers and couture houses, sanctify this accessory so often criticized. Spotted on the models of the Jacquemus Spring-Summer 2020 show, at Acne Studios, Maison Margiela, Fila, or even advocated on the latest catwalks from the Italian house Fendi; the bob is endlessly reissued.


Identifiable by its wide shape, its flat edges, but also by its easy folding, the bob draws its origins at the beginning of the last century. Far from being designed to serve as a fashion accessory at the time, the bucket hat was worn by Irish fishermen and farmers to protect themselves from the elements. Resumed during the Second World War by the American gliders who appropriated this gimmick , the bob quickly enough found its final name, thanks to the French who had taken to calling them “The Roberts”.


This summer, the bob is next to dresses with balloon sleeves , t-shirts with shoulder pads and jeans with cropped cuts. And for those who wish to play the adventurous of modern times, know that the bob is the accessory found. In velvet, cotton or linen, this hat can easily be combined with safari-inspired outfits, but also with Bermuda suits , elected as the major clothing trend of the season.


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