Wedding Guest Outfit | Dos And Don’ts

Weddings can finally be celebrated again! And even if recent issues a lot in our lives, one problem remains the same: What is the perfect wedding guest outfit? You will probably feel the same and you will not be able to see through the regularly changing arrangements and adjustments in the times of Corona. The fact is that in many federal states celebrations with several party guests are now allowed again and so many couples still get the chance to step in front of the altar this year and to celebrate with their loved ones. Hach, that’s nice!

Are you lucky this year (yet) to be part of such a beautiful event full of love, emotion and happiness? Then you are probably troubled by the idea of ​​choosing an outfit. Because as personal and individual as the bride and groom are, the celebration is usually also individual. That’s why I can’t give you general tips on how to choose the perfect outfit. It is best to always look at the location (is it pompous, relaxed, elegant?), Because it usually gives information about what the dress code will look like.

But there are certain things that are and remain an absolute no-go with the wedding guest outfit. And that’s exactly what I’m going to list for you now, so that nobody can step into their pans. Nevertheless, the rule applies: every bride and groom is different. Perhaps the usual etiquette is not so important to your hosts and you can put on what you like best. Here communication is definitely the key to being on the right side.

No-Go: black and white

It is no longer a secret that the color white (as well as ivory, cream, light beige etc.) is withheld from the bride. So stay away from a completely bright outfit. A partial integration of white and Co. into the look is again allowed, just make sure that the light color does not gain the upper hand. But be careful, although black is considered elegant, this color is also not a welcome guest at weddings. This is because it is associated with grief or mysticism in many circles.

Go For: Pastel Instead Of White

Splashes of color are always welcome, especially in summer. I recommend soft pastel shades, because there are many great dresses that do not steal the bride’s eyes but still look beautiful.

Go For: Navy Blue Instead Of Black

The marine color is just as elegant but less dreary as an alternative to black. The color looks particularly beautiful and summery combined with shoes and accessories in cream (by the way, this is allowed, don’t worry!).

No-Go: Super Sexy

Short mini dresses and wide necklines were no problem at the hen party. At the wedding, however, you should keep a little bit more covered. Only when the wedding takes place in the church, everything that ends a hand width above the knee or the shoulders does not fall out. With a cloth or a small jacket you can help in the church, but it shouldn’t be too sexy for the celebrations afterwards.

Go For: Wrap Dresses

They flatter every figure and are absolutely trendy. With a wrap dress you put your figure in the limelight without being too provocative. Especially in midi or maxi lengths, they are perfect for your wedding guest outfit.

No-Go: Jeans and T-shirt

You should dress up a little for a wedding, if only out of respect for the big day of the newlyweds. Even if you are in jeans and a T-shirt every day, this combination is out of place here. This applies to both the ladies among the wedding guests and the men.

Go For: Culotte And Jumpsuit For You

The culotte is no less comfortable, but much more elegant. The wide-leg trousers can be combined very nicely with high-quality blouses. Jumpsuits are also available in all imaginable shapes and colors. Many chic models are looking forward to being carried out by you.

Go For: Shirt And Suit Pants For Him

You really can’t go wrong with this combination. Depending on the situation, you can also combine a jacket if you want it to be a bit more chic (by the way, this may only be taken off as soon as the groom takes off his jacket). If it should be more casual, combine chinos with a shirt.

No-Go: flip flops and (worn out) sneakers

Chic shoes also belong to a chic occasion! So make sure that everything below is presentable. Flip flops and sporty sandals are taboo. Run-down sneakers also stay better at home.


High heels, sandals and pumps always look particularly beautiful with elegant dresses. But the high heels often spoil the fun, because only very few of us can spend a whole day (and a whole night) in it. But don’t worry, there are also lots of nice flat shoes. These include, for example, flats or flat strappy sandals (preferably in metallic colors). Even sporty sneakers quickly destroy your ready-made look. That’s why fashionable (and above all clean) sneakers are used here. I recommend the color white without a lot of chi chi and maximum subtle applications in metallic colors.

No-Go: glitter allover

The top rule as a wedding guest: never outdo the bride! And with a super sparkling sequin dress that could happen quickly. So stay away, just like pompous and floor-length evening gowns. Unless, of course, this dress code is expressly noted on the invitation. In this post we have summarized the most common dress codes for you again.

Go For: Floral Patterns And (Subtle) Animal Print

Still want a more eye-catching look? Then choose playful floral prints or elegant animal prints. Due to the animal trend, many great and very elegant items of clothing with a wild animal print are currently available. But don’t overdo it! Choose a key piece with animal pattern and combine it with simple basics. If you stick to these tips, your wedding guest outfit will certainly be a complete success! If you have any questions or your own suggestions for the perfect guest look, please let us know in the comments.


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