Wedding Speech For Groomsmen Tips And Ideas

Giving a wedding speech is not that easy, but with our tips and ideas, your speech as a maid of honor will be an absolute listener! Are you a maid of honor for your best friend or sister? Congratulations! It is a great honor. But as it is in life, responsibility also comes with honor: the position of the maid of honor usually includes some important tasks. The wedding speech often gives sleepless nights: What can I say? How long can or should I talk? Does it have to be funny or emotional ??? No panic. Most of the time it turns out that all worries are unjustified once you sit down and start – and for the extra inspiration we have a few tips and ideas for you!

Every beginning doesn’t have to be difficult

A wedding speech needs an introduction – and it is actually a bit like love at first sight: Ideally, your first sentences will pull the bride and groom and the guests under your spell or make you laugh. Before you get started, however, you should introduce yourself and explain “for everyone who does not yet know” how you are related to the bride or groom. And then it comes down to the crunch: How about warming up with a nice quote that reminds you of the newlyweds or their love story? Maybe you can tell a short funny or special story about the bride and groom, typical of the two lovebirds or their love to each other?

As a third option, you could start your speech with what it means for you to be a maid of honor and to give this speech at all. For example, there could be a smile and goodwill if you simply tell authentically how difficult it was to write a speech and which problems (serious or joking) stood in your way.

What should be in a witness speech?

The most important thing about a best man speech is that it should mainly be about the bride and groom and not about the maid of honor! Of course, one or the other anecdote from the years of friendship can be discussed (e.g. to underline the character of the bride or groom), but something like this should never get out of hand. Ideally, your speech should also be only five to a maximum of ten minutes long – this time should primarily be used to tell romantic or funny stories about the bride and groom and their love story. But be careful: what’s funny and what’s not is sometimes a fine line – anything that could potentially offend or be embarrassing to the bride or groom should never be part of a wedding speech!

Can’t think of anything or not enough? Get in touch with other wedding guests and collect stories and anecdotes or simply impressions and feelings à la “When I think of Marie and Oliver, I think of …”.

When it’s most beautiful, you should stop

The most classic – because also the most beautiful! – End of a best man speech is good wishes. Would like to be specific here and do not simply wish all the best and a nice life together, but respond to the dreams and wishes of the newlyweds (this also works seriously or with a winking eye). Finally, you can simply lift your glass and encourage all guests to toast the bride and groom with you.

The wedding speech of the best man: The right time

In general, after the formal ceremony, when all guests have arrived at the celebration location and have taken their places, a good time for the groomsmen to speak. However, it may be that the bride and groom want to have their say in order to start the celebration. In addition, guests and newlyweds are still agitated and restless by the wedding experience and the sparkling wine reception that usually follows – it is not uncommon for everyone with a growling stomach to wait for the meal … wait until everyone (whether the wedding menu or the snacks) has eaten and is sitting at their tables full, relaxed and eager to listen.The fact that a little alcohol had already flowed at the time probably also plays a role in the guests’ enthusiasm. Ultimately, you should also keep an eye on the day or evening planning, so that your speech does not collide with another program item, or discuss with the bride and groom when your words best fit into the program.

Important tips for the perfect groomsman speech

If you, as a maid of honor, give an honest and loving wedding speech and never lose sight of the bride and groom thematically, nothing can go wrong. However, these tips also help to make the speech for the newlyweds and the guests an ear candy:

  • Start collecting ideas at an early stage and in any case write the speech down completely .
  • Be honest, authentic and loving.
  • Rely on naturalness instead of stilted words that you would otherwise never use in your mouth.
  • Have someone close to the bride and groom read your speech in advance – a little feedback never hurts.
  • It is best to give the speech several times in front of your favorite cuddly toy or a benevolent test audience. The more times you rehearse the speech in full and at full volume, the easier it will be on your tongue on the big day – ideally you can look at the bride and groom more often than your note.
  • Keep your speech short and sweet (maximum 5 to 10 minutes)!
  • Don’t digress and don’t get too abstract. Your speech has only one topic: the newlyweds and their love and shared life story.
  • For more entertainment: A slideshow with photos of the newlyweds can visualize and underline your speech, for example. Of course you need a projector and a screen for this, but they are commonplace at most weddings.


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