Wedding Themes Ideas From Vintage To Star Wars

Every couple wants their wedding to be very special. Of course, getting married is very special in itself – even without anything like location, decoration and entertainment. However, a motto for your own wedding is an opportunity to make the big day even more personal and individual .

Theme wedding: what does it include?

A motto for a wedding can be anything from a color to entire theme worlds and determine the design of the entire wedding day. From the invitation cards to the clothes , the location and the menu, everything can be arranged and planned according to one theme. Everything is possible, but: The wedding motto should be something that connects you as a couple or has a special meaning for you . On your big day you should only feel good and not have to pretend.

Some mottos, such as color mottos, are easy and inexpensive to implement. For example, a black-and-white wedding is a classic, very elegant and easy to do. If you are planning a whole themed world for your wedding, you must be aware beforehand that the topic will also involve more planning effort and higher costs . In general, however, it is worth implementing a wedding motto to make the day even more unforgettable. With the support of family, groomsmen and friends in particular, theme weddings can also be largely organized through do-it-yourself activities .

Wedding themes by epoch

A wedding can be designed entirely in the style and spirit of a specific time. Very popular epoch mottos are, for example, medieval weddings or vintage weddings à la Great Gatsby in the style of the 20s. But the 50s and 60s are also very popular with rockabilly weddings. Epoch mottos offer many possibilities: from clothing to music, a wedding can be celebrated in the flair of bygone times . How about a hippie wedding, barefoot, in the middle of a meadow and with flowers in your hair?

Wedding themes based on music

Are you the biggest fans of Abba or AC / DC? Then celebrate your wedding accompanied by the zest for life of your favorite music . Music mottos are often light and can be implemented individually. Clothing in the style of your favorite band and speeches that incorporate the lyrics of certain songs, together with the appropriate soundtrack, become a hit! A festival can also be converted into a wedding theme: did you meet at a festival? Get the magical moment of your first encounter with the motto of your wedding!

Harry Potter or Star Wars: wedding themes based on films or books

Movies are often a couple’s shared interests . However, they not only offer successful entertainment for a nice evening for two, but also the perfect backdrop for a themed wedding . From the choice of location to clothing and decoration: a wedding that makes your favorite film a reality makes you heroes of your own story. Whether Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or Titanic – nothing is impossible with your favorite film at your wedding .

Weddings and seasons

Seasons offer very practical options for designing a wedding, because ideally, clothes and weather go well together. The decorative inspirations can also be taken directly from nature. People often get married in summer and in the warmer times of the year, but how about a winter fairy tale wedding like Cinderella? Or a wedding ceremony with a summer feeling and shell decoration on the beach or on a ship?

Just like on vacation: wedding themes with a travel feeling

Your dream travel destinations can also become the motto for your wedding . A motto like Hawaii can move your special day to a special place for you. With a travel motto, cultures and traditions of the respective country can also be taken up. For example, if you are fascinated by the colorful and exuberant festivals in India, you can celebrate a Bollywood wedding – with henna decorations in a red sari.

The hobby that becomes a wedding motto

Are you born to be wild and always on the go with a motorcycle? Football is your life? Do you love musicals? Your hobby can make your wedding particularly personal: Because you not only love yourself, but also the things that you experienced together , have already experienced and will still experience. With a hobby motto you not only celebrate your wedding, but also your special connection through a common interest. Are you two poker faces? How about a casino wedding intoxicated with a Las Vegas night?

The child in you finds a wedding motto

For practical reasons, the child in you cannot set the tone in everyday life. However, a wedding can be an occasion to take a child’s interest with you into your new adult life as a married person. Whether cowboy and Indian, pirate or Pippi long stocking – even married you shouldn’t take life too seriously and occasionally climb a tree together.


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