What Are The Fashion Trends For Couples?

MEvery year we look again full of curiosity and excitement at the fashion trends for the coming year. What comes and what goes is the crucial question here. In principle, the trend towards sustainability has been causing us to invest more and more in evergreen pieces for some years now, which will still offer the same quality and appearance in five years. Many couples love to match their outfits when going out. Which look to adopt for which occasion? Check out some tips.


Planning to have lunch or dinner outside with your sweetheart? For this occasion, your looks must be chosen in relation to the class of the restaurant. If it is a lunch, choose matching outfits depending on the season: a long or short sleeve shirt for Monsieur and a little dress made with the same fabric and the same pattern for Madame. If you’ve been planning on taking a stroll around town afterwards, opt for the matching couple t-shirts. These remain very trendy and stylish. What’s more, the choice is wide. Discover an infinite variety of models in the collection of t-shirts from the Insta-Couple store.


A romantic trip to the beach? Bet on a matching beach outfit for couples . Madame has the choice between a 1 or 2 piece swimsuit under a pretty beach dress or a sarong. Monsieur can wear beach shorts or a swimsuit. The main thing is to choose pieces with the same patterns. It is also advisable to buy beachwear in a specialized store so that you have a beach dress in the same style as your partner’s shorts. Why not go for the same sandals?


A matching look for a night out always makes an impact. Madame can wear a sublime long dress while Monsieur will wear an elegant outfit of the same color and fabric. You can also choose the same brands and styles of shoes. The occasion is ideal to adopt together a sober and chic look.


Whether you and your partner work at the same location or at two different companies, it can be fun to wear matching couple outfits for work . Ideally, go for the same style:

  • Classic
  • BCBG
  • Cool
  • Casual chic
  • etc

However, you should limit yourself to 3 different colors and wear accessories that match the whole outfit.


To spend a successful day of shopping , it is important to choose what you will wear, a practical outfit to save time in the dressing room. A matching couple outfit is ideal if you are going out with your partner. It is advisable to put on an easily removable coat instead of a sweater in cold weather. A dress or skirt of the same pattern as Monsieur’s shirt is also to be preferred. The same goes for sneakers.


Do you want to bet on a matching couple’s outfit to attend a ceremony such as a wedding ? Monsieur will choose a suit and Madame a dress or a suit. It is simply a matter of opting for matching colors.


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