What Does Your Wardrobe Say About Your Character?

The psychologist and author of the book ‘You Are What You Wear’ has specialized in analyzing people based on their clothing style. Her realization: clothing is an expression of our inner being. We unconsciously choose fashion that reflects our psyche.┬áDr. When it comes to clothing style , Baumgartner differentiates between different types that select clothing in a certain way. In this test, you will find out what type you belong to and what your buying behavior and clothing style really say about your character.

1. The shopaholic

You are a real shopaholic and love the cozy feeling that comes when you stand at the checkout. And your overcrowded wardrobe doesn’t stop you from rushing into the shops again and again. The disadvantage of your shopping rage: bad purchases! There are many items in your closet that you have never worn before.┬áSometimes shopping can become a kind of addiction, because when you buy it, dopamine – a happiness hormone – is released. Next time, ask yourself why you want to go shopping: Are you stressed or are you frustrated? Or do you REALLY need new clothes?

2. The collector

Is your closet overcrowded and do you have a lot of clothes that you haven’t worn in years, but you just don’t want to say goodbye to? Then you are one of the collectors. You are stuck in the past and maybe your clothes remind you of certain situations.

Mucking out your closet and getting rid of the old ballast will help you look ahead and live in the here and now. As a rule of thumb, everything you haven’t worn for a year will go away!

3. The careful one

Are black and gray tones dominating your wardrobe? Do you think that colorful clothing doesn’t suit you? Then according to Dr. Baumgartner to the group of the inactive. You don’t like to be the center of attention and therefore prefer to wear inconspicuous clothing.

Sure, black clothing can also be elegant and an expression of fashionable understatement. But: According to studies, dark, dreary colors depress the mood. Spice up your wardrobe with lighter, friendlier colors. You will notice: You will immediately feel fresher and livelier!

4. The veiler

Your closet is full of more clothes and far and wide you see nothing figure-hugging? Then you belong to the group of veilers. You want to hide your body with clothes because, let’s face it, you don’t feel comfortable in your skin. We tell you: even a few more pounds are no reason to hide!

For every woman (no matter what dress size!) There is beautiful and modern fashion that gets the best out of the figure. With the right cuts, the strengths are emphasized and small flaws are easily concealed – and without covering the body with wide layers of fabric. The best styling tips for chubby ones are here!

5. The expressive

Colorful, shrill, daring. A look in your closet is enough and you know: you like to crack it! There are lots of dresses, skirts and sexy tops in your wardrobe. With this fashion you exude confidence – but what many do not know: it sometimes looks very different in you.

For you, the eye-catching clothing is also a kind of protective shield that symbolizes ‘I’m fine’. You don’t want to show the outside world when you’re feeling bad. We advise: Stand by your feelings! Nobody expects you to be always in a good mood and in party mode. Honesty (also to yourself) will do you good and show you who likes you just the way you are.

6. The practical

Jeans, t-shirts and sneakers: the content of your wardrobe is simple and convenient. And it’s no wonder! You don’t have time in your life to worry about your outfit. As a mom, you have a real full-time job. Your everyday life is organized down to the last detail – the styling just falls by the wayside.

Even if fashion does not play a major role in your life, we give you the tip: treat yourself from time to time and spoil yourself with a chic outfit or fine lingerie. In them you will feel wonderfully feminine again and this self-confidence gives you strength for your everyday life!


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