What If The Trend Was To Hide The Blazer In Our Skirt Or Pants?

While it cultivates its reputation as a basic stainless, the blazer has never deserted the fashion wardrobe of all generations. After having crossed the decades, it is now making its stylistic revolution to turn into a highly desirable piece.


After seeing it cropped , oversized , belted , worn as a dress, with epaulets or sleeveless like a bib, the blazer is stashed this time in the pants. And it is the journalists, the stylists but also the girls who punctuate the fashion who let themselves be seduced by this resolutely trendy hype. Without sacrificing their quickdraw (on the contrary), they consider the blazer as the ideal alternative to make a transition from mild temperatures to cool temperatures. Among the most beautiful street styles , we will remember the most daring.

Fans of skirts will be delighted to learn that the Blazer is ideally replaces a simple shirt. Semi-camouflaged in a floral skirt, a split skirt , draped, in leather or vinyl , the blazer is improvised into a real chameleon of style. The more cautious will turn to various pants, shorts and Bermuda shorts to stash their fall blazer. We think in the first place of the high-waisted models, just to sublimate the silhouette: pleated pants, cargo, mom jeans, a pat d’eph, and even wool, cashmere or cotton jogging, to relax the look. chic look of the blazer. In short, worn like this, it will consolidate the structure of an outfit, while injecting it with a dose of pep’s and a masculine touch. What more ?


Revival of the 1950s, when British students personalized this school uniform jacket for the trendy start, the blazer reappeared in 1975 under the leadership of Giorgio Armani who seized this garment to introduce it into his first collection of deconstructed blazers for men. The key to success ? Chic and casual jackets that imbue luxury codes while bypassing them.

But it was in the 2000s that the wearing of the blazer became more democratic. Prescriber in the field, Christophe Decarnin (who officiated Balmain between 2006 and 2011) at the time envisioned the blazer as a big night: superimposed on a social dress. Since this stylistic revolution, the girls of the modosphere have worshiped this jacket, going so far as to divert it as they wish to stand out from the crowd.


Worn with or without pants, this timeless jacket is always a safe bet, no matter the season. If the most resistant will be comfortable wearing it with Bermuda shorts , flared jeans, tailored pants, seasoned fashionistas will not fail to play the card of daring and twist the blazer as we did not expect. Wisely tucked into pleated pants, slipped over the shoulders, wrapped with a belt, worn overlay, sleeves rolled up or sleeveless like a bib: the blazer is among the big boys and sees its cut being redesigned.


Although it experienced a boom over the decades, the blazer is said to have burst into the 1800s, as various theories reveal. The first is said to date back to 1837, when the crew of the HMS Blazer were dressed in navy blue double-breasted jackets and Royal Navy copper buttons, during Queen Victoria’s visit to the ship. The second would suggest that the name of the blazer is inspired by the “blazes”, the stripes that tattooed the jackets of the country club of the 70s. And the third believes that the history of the blazer is closely linked to the sports jackets worn by the nautical team at St John’s College Cambridge in the 1820s. Whatever its origin, the blazer is on all fronts. of style.


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