What Shoes To Wear With A Floral Dress To Stand Out?

Summer recurrence, the floral dress is invited on the silhouettes of the girls who give the fashion question. And to boost the look of the infinitely floral dress, we will slip shoes of all styles on our feet, never to get bored. From catwalks to the streets, the flowery dress is everywhere. With bohemian accents without appearing there, this model adorned with bucolic prints, has no equal. Long, or shortened, A-line or straight, with balloon or sleeveless sleeves, the floral dress can be multiplied without limit.


Whether we have several floral dresses in our wardrobe or just one, the shoes will boost your cut and sometimes even radically change your style. Whether you opt for traditional strappy sandals , city flip flops, mules, sneakers or ankle boots, shoes have the power to change the look of a floral dress in two steps, all with emphasis on its ethnic motifs. And contrary to popular belief, it is possible to break the wise silhouette of a floral dress, by putting on rock boots , which add extra style. If, on the contrary, we want to play the card of femininity, we will bet on padded mules , pumps, or slingbacks, which stand out as true pledges of elegance. As for the followers of the effortless look , we will walk the asphalt with trendy sneakers or flat sandals, which will reinforce our strides, without the fuss. It’s your turn !


With unparalleled comfort , and the mastoc look as we like it, this time, it is the gray Made in US 990V5 model which tops New Balance’s bestseller list . Displayed around 200 euros, this unpretentious pair with nineties accents , wins the race, and is preceded by models just as interesting. At more accessible prices, the 530 Sneakers and the 624 with white contours, are part of the same approach placed under the sign of sportswear . For a morning jog, a shopping spree, or an evening with friends, these dad shoes are out! And if we want to afford a flashback mode unparalleled, let’s run right now, get them!

A charming basic, the floral dress is the custodian of the summer fashion wardrobe. With a bohemian look, this dress lined with bucolic prints is once again gaining popularity this year, and finds favor in the eyes of editors and stylists , who combine their stylistic grammar with this essential fashion. In maxi version, or shortened, with puffed sleeves or off the shoulders, the floral dress joins all the wardrobes of the season, and emphasizes all the silhouettes. Whether you prefer a soberly stylized model, or one with shimmering colors, the trick is to know how to twist this dress by setting yourself no limits.


Whether it transforms into a skirt camouflaged under a light sweater , that it associates with an oversized blazer drawn from the male dressing room, or that it adjusts with belts worn in duplicate, the floral dress is of all the exits. And to avoid falling into the cliché of the wise little girl, fashionistas electrify their looks by not skimping on accessories. From the imposing it bag , to the flashy clutch , through heeled thongs and link jewels, the accessories give the floral dress a certain level of composure and add style. A real chameleon, this dress is with us day and night!


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