Whether Pajamas Or Negligee, The Right Nightwear For On The Go

Regardless of whether it’s a business trip, an overnight stay with a partner or a trip back home – those who don’t stay at home have to pack some important things. In addition to toothbrushes, interchangeable clothes and hygiene items, the right nightwear should not be missing on the packing list. Especially those who wear different types of nightwear every now and then quickly face the dilemma: which part should it be? Depending on where you are and the time of year, there are different things to consider. The reason for the trip is also crucial.

In a short guide to nightwear on the go, all eventualities are considered

A visit to the parents or a business trip to the hotel – nightwear for any eventuality. The easiest reason to choose nightwear is to visit the parents. Above all, comfort counts here. No matter whether the wide, soft nightgown made of cotton or the stretch pajamas that have been in use for at least five years – it is important that you feel comfortable. Your own family knows you in the worst possible conditions anyway. So why should you dress up here for the night? When it comes to home wear, it can be practical and not very vain. Mom’s breakfast pancakes never taste better than in a fluffy, dented cotton bathrobe.

It is already a little more difficult with a business trip with an overnight stay in a hotel. Here too, the goal is certainly not to have to impress anyone in the middle of the night. However, you should also be prepared for all eventualities. Above all, you have to know whether you are traveling alone or accompanied by colleagues. Nothing is more unpleasant than when the colleague from the sales department wants to borrow toothpaste and you open the door in a frayed nightgown. Even a sexy negligee could lead to misunderstandings in such a situation. Therefore, the choice of nightwear should be made so that it is both practical, comfortable and presentable. At the latest when there is a false fire alarm in the hotel, nobody wants to be the subject of conversation, because the outfit for the night gives rise to speculation. Accordingly, the following applies: Those who travel a lot on business trips should have a large selection of nightwear available.

Make an impression of nightwear – special case date or party night

You should think a lot about the right nightwear if you are going to celebrate as a single in your home country. It is certainly important that laundry is as comfortable as possible for the night and that you can sleep well in it. However, it can also happen that one or the other acquaintance and possibly spend the night with her. Those who sneak down the stairs in rancid pajamas the next morning will sink to the ground at breakfast.

Even those who spend the first time with their new partner probably want to make an impression. Therefore, the nightwear for the first night should be selected with particular care. The motto is – comfortable, authentic, but inviting. Of course, the partner can get to know the real people in flannel pajamas. But especially if the night should be exciting, the silk negligee is probably the better choice for the first night. As long as you don’t disguise yourself and can sleep comfortably after tingling adventures, whatever sleeps is allowed is allowed.


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