Whether Skirt Or Blouse – They Flatter Your Figure And So They Wear!

Ruffles! We reveal how you can use valance blouses, skirts and Co. to put your figure in the limelight. Volants make our spring and summer! Whether valance blouses or skirts, we love the playful extras on almost every piece of clothing. But how do flounces flatter my figure the most?

What are flounces?

Valances – like so much in fashion – are not exactly a new invention. But while they decorated opulent robes in the Renaissance, they adorn almost every piece of clothing nowadays. The word ‘valance’ comes from French and means something like “flying”. That makes perfect sense, because a valance is a trimmed or gathered trimmings sewn on its upper edge, which, for example, lies loosely (“flying”) on a blouse.

Why apply ruffles?

Volants give additional volume due to their loose and not smooth shape . The more ruffles a garment has, the more and more extensive it can apply. Instead of seeing this as a disadvantage, we prefer to use the volume miracle for ourselves and skilfully stage our figure with it. How? We’ll reveal that now.

How do I stage my figure with ruffles?

The principle is actually quite simple: the part of the body that you would like to emphasize and make appear more voluminous should be decorated with ruffles. Above all, you can use the detail-loving trim to even out your overall proportion and visually shape your figure.

Valance blouses and tops: Push little breasts – and without a bra!

For all girls with less bust size , all tops with ruffles are perfect accomplices! For example, Carmen blouses with valance trimmings at the neckline are not only a wonderful companion for spring, but also conjure up more breasts in no time – and without a bra or an operation … This principle also works with bikini tops, tops, jackets and and so on.

Volant skirts or peplum for a slim waist and feminine curves

Skirts, which are mostly covered with ruffles, give our hips more curves! This is particularly beneficial for very straight, sporty figure types. Skirts, on the other hand, where the ruffles only start below the hip area, make the hips appear narrower. Sloping ruffles, for example on wrap-around skirts, also give a strong feminine touch.

Valances that are attached as peplum to the waistband of a skirt or to the bottom of the hem of a blouse or jacket make our waistline seem narrower.

Covering wide hips or tummy with flounces – is that possible?

You can hide parts of the body with ruffles – in reverse! By adding volume to other parts of the body with ruffles, we can move areas into the background or make them appear smaller , which we might not want to put in the foreground. In principle, it is about adding volume to our body proportions as we like it. For a small tummy this can work, for example, with a valance over the breast or a peplum on the bottom of the jacket or on the top of the skirt. We can visually compensate for wider hips with tight-fitting trousers and an all-over valance top and move them out of focus.

What should I consider when styling with ruffles?

When styling with ruffles, the most important thing is to hold back next to the ruffle garment. Of course, this also depends on how many ruffles the part has or whether it is patterned and the like. For example, a plain white t-shirt can be the perfect complement to a striking valance skirt, while a Carmen blouse with ruffles goes perfectly with plain jeans or a reserved skirt. Basically, there are no “styling rules”. You can only find out if you like and like a certain item of clothing with ruffles and how you can best combine it by trying it on and trying it out;)

Flounces as a trend 2019

Valances are very trendy, especially in the spring and summer seasons. Of course, dresses, skirts and blouses with the playful detail are particularly popular, but the designers also surprise us with voluminous, voluminous shoulder sections and sleeves … Fashion experiments.


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