Which Hat Fits Which Face Shape?

In winter hats not only keep your head warm, they are also a fashion accessory that accentuates simple looks. Many women think they simply don’t have a “hat face” – but that’s a misconception! The face shape is decisive when buying a hat: With a suitable model, you can emphasize your individual preferences and balance disharmonies. The hairstyle also plays a role in the choice of hats, whereby you do not have to have long hair to make a hat look good on you. In our hat guide, we show styling tips to help you find a hat that suits your face shape and hairstyle. Little extra: In the video, hair expert Manfred Kraft reveals how you can avoid typical flat “cap hair” and how to ensure a great hairstyle even after taking off the cap.

The right models for every face shape

Angular face

For angular faces, the forehead and chin are about the same width and only slightly rounded. Light caps made of thin fabric quickly make this face shape even more edgy. The right choice are caps of coarse material and eye-catching colors , aviator hats , baseball caps or classical Basque caps that can be placed casually diagonally to the square shape to interrupt the face. For hats with a peak, you should make sure that this corresponds at least to the width of the face.

Round face

Even with a round face shape, hats made of voluminous, coarse materials or models with a brim look good. Volume at the crown extended the face visually and equal to a fuller cheeks skillfully: Beanies , which loosely fits over the hairline or is passed into the end bobble hats are ideal here. Caps with a short, wide peak make the face look more distinctive. On the other hand, tight models additionally emphasize the round face shape.

Heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped faces are characterized by a broad forehead, high cheekbones and a pointed chin. With this face shape, you should choose a not too tight hat made of fine material , which does not additionally emphasize the width of the forehead. Even plain-colored or simply cut hats harmonize well with heart-shaped faces. A flat cap with a subtle peak conceals the forehead; Caps with ear flaps visually broaden the chin area and thus equalize the width of the forehead.

Oval face

Women with an oval face have a clear advantage when choosing a hat: Thanks to the narrow shape with harmonious contours, practically every hat shape suits them – whether beanie, bobble hat or beret. You can also try out trend models, such as the Baker Boy hats (flat balloon hats with peak), which are particularly popular in autumn and winter 2017, or eye-catching hats.

Hair expert Manfred Kraft: The right hair styling under the cap
In the video, star hairdresser Manfred Kraft explains what you should pay attention to when styling so that your hairstyle fits well even after taking off the hat:

The right hat for short hair

One thing first: hats don’t just look great on women with long hair. If you follow a few tips when styling, you can also wear a headgear with a short hairstyle, for example a pixie cut or chin-length bob:

  • A few strands of hair should always flash out from under the hat. If there is no hair between the face and the hat, the face can quickly become too severe and the complexion can look pale. Therefore, be sure to always have a few pony strands or hair behind your neck peeping out of the hat.
  • For beanies that hang loosely on the neck, a flashing pony party looks casual. With this hat cut, you should make sure that there are always a few hairs, even with short hairstyles like a buzzcut.
  • If you prefer to wear a hat instead of hats, you should style your hair back at the top of your head. If a few strands of hair flash out from the neck, the look looks very elegant.

Tip: If you generally don’t like hats or hats, you can use headbands or ear warmers in winter. These accessories not only look great with longer hair, but can also be combined great with short hairstyles: style a casual hairstyle with a little hair gel, which contrasts with the rather well-behaved headband.


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