Which Leather Jacket Suits You And Your Figure?

Leather jacket guide: everything about cuts, trends & styling : Leather jackets are the perfect spring companions! You can always combine them differently and they give a look what is so often called edgy . Every season leather jackets come in new versions in the store – that’s why I show you today what leather jackets just in trend are my alltime Favorites how to style the jackets and which section of which figure flatters most beautiful. But first some general information for you:

What should you consider when buying a leather jacket?

I personally pay great attention to quality when it comes to shoes, bags and leather jackets. However, this does not always mean that it has to be genuine leather. The Nanushka label, for example, makes beautiful leather jackets from vegan leather – and is in no way inferior to real leather. In general, smooth leather is easier to maintain than suede, which should be noted when buying. And: Real leather gives way over time, which means that it widens minimally. Incidentally, I think that leather jackets become more and more beautiful over time, so an investment is worthwhile here. Over the years, the leather gains suppleness, it wears in and therefore appears softer. So that you can enjoy your leather jacket for a long time, here are my top leather care tips.

The best care tips for leather jackets

  • The most important rule when wearing a leather jacket is: just put on when the chance of rain is zero percent. Because although leather is an animal product, the leather jacket is not made to get wet. It is therefore ideal for spring and summer.
  • Before wearing it for the first time, you can waterproof the leather jacket. I also do this for bags and shoes – the spray is like an invisible protective shield on the leather.
  • Real leather is quite resistant to stains – should something go wrong, you can carefully dab it with a damp microfiber cloth. With suede this is more difficult – here I would give the good piece in the hands of an experienced cleaning.
  • The best way to keep the leather jacket in shape is to hang it on a large, padded hanger.

Leather jackets with a waist belt

Leather jackets to fit are brand new! The jackets are slightly longer and mostly oversized and have a belt or band to tie them at the waist and give the silhouette more shape. I really like the look because it is something different and makes the leather jacket look more feminine. My model is made of suede and in a great shade of yellow. This leather jacket cut is suitable for those who have a narrow waist and would like to hide their hips or buttocks. Because the waist is focused on the narrowest part of the figure

Biker jackets made of leather

One of my alltime favorites and a classic that just always works: the biker jacket. The cut of the leather jacket is shortened and boxy, has a lapel and mostly many silver zipper details. Do you prefer cool and edgy or feminine and playful? Any styling works with the biker jacket. Either you combine them casually with jeans, shirt and jewelry or more romantic with a lace dress. Then there is a cool break in style! I would recommend the biker jacket if you want to emphasize your legs or buttocks, because the short cut stretches the leg.

Leather jackets in boho style

At first glance, leather jackets look hard and rather rough – but they don’t necessarily have to be. If your style is more boho, this model will suit you perfectly: leather jackets with ethnic details. This spring they are available with fringes under the arm, sewn-on pockets or a small collar. If you want to distract from your belly or hips, this leather jacket trend is perfect for you. Because the details are so striking that they automatically attract the eye and direct you away from everything else

Leather jackets with zipper details

Hardly a leather jacket can do without zipper details and that’s a good thing. They turn this simple jacket into a casual model that can be combined in so many ways. The credo: the more details, the better. Leather jackets that are decorated with rivets, belt buckles or zippers are particularly suitable for those who want to put the leather jacket at the center of their look. For example, if you want to emphasize your cleavage, you can wear a delicate lace top under the leather jacket.


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