Which Outfits Are Suitable For An Interview?

What should you wear and what shouldn’t you wear? Everyone has asked ourselves the question 100% before – and will certainly ask it again and again before every interview: What kind of outfit do you wear for an interview? I already had several interviews, during my studies for internships and then for my permanent positions, before I started my own business with Fashiion carpet. Now we even sit on the “other side” and hire employees. Today I would like to tell you about my experiences for the right outfit for an interview.

Tips for the right outfit for an interview

1. This sentence is so worn out, but for me it just absolutely applies: You have to feel comfortable in your skin and your outfit! Because the interview partner not only perceives your outfit, but also your aura. Those who disguise themselves or feel insecure also convey this. Therefore, the first rule applies: choose clothing that is appropriate, but that you can also identify with!

2. How does that work specifically? During your preparation for the interview and the company, you will already get a general impression of what might fit. At a bank, you dress differently than when interviewing a start-up or a fashion company. Rule number 2 is therefore: adapt to the look of the company to which you applied. In the best case, the interview partner even recognizes parallels.

3. Incidentally, this does not mean that you have to completely disguise yourself. Once the basic framework is in place (outfit inspos can be found in the blog post below), it’s time to individualize. For example with jewelry, shoes, bags. The hairstyle and your beauty look also play a role here. If a suit with a blouse is too stiff for you, you can change the look for the interview with a T-shirt.

4. On the subject of brands … I was once told that you should never dress fancier than the boss! That’s why I would deal with large brand logos and labeling when I first met them rather subtly. A high-quality leather handbag makes the look immediately more serious – but it does not have to be immediately apparent how expensive the bag was.

Outfit ideas for the first job interview:

skirt with blouse and blazer

You want to look chic, but at the same time also fashionable and modern? Then this look could go well with your interview! I rely on subtle natural tones and different layers. For midi Banu I wear a white blouse and blazer . The classic interview look becomes a little more modern thanks to the skirt. The knee boots give me more confidence. (I would exchange the bag in case of a job interview). If you prefer flat shoes: Loafers are the perfect choice for an interview.

Interview outfit:

suit with t-shirt, sneakers and trench

The perfect mix of business and cool: a suit is THE business look par excellence and generally fits any job. So is a number sure, if you are unsure about the dress code To loosen up the look or to make something more contemporary and cool, you can replace blouse with a nice shirt and heels with clean (!) And neat sneakers. A trench coat completes the look.

Interview outfit:

chic pants with sweater and blazer

If it is a job interview for an internship, apprenticeship, part-time job or traineeship, you don’t have to look too stylish. Nevertheless, this look is appropriate for the occasion and at the same time sympathetic-stylish: I am wearing beige trousers with nice details and a simple sweater. Ankle boots fit perfectly here – alternatively, loafers or heels are also suitable. Combine this with a blazer and you are ready for the interview 🙂


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