Which Shoes Go With The Skirt?

Last year it was tulle skirts, this summer romantic wrap skirts and rocking leather skirts are the must-have in the coming autumn . But regardless of whether our heart beats for trend skirts or more classic models such as pencil or plate skirt, in the end we ask ourselves the question: Which shoes fit the skirt at all? Many women are uncertain about rock styling – until now!

We get to the bottom of the rock-shoe problem and solve all outfit questions once and for all. Here comes the ultimate styling guide for skirts! The bad news first: There is no general answer to the question of which shoes go with the skirt. Because which type of shoe ultimately looks best with your skirt depends on three factors:

1. The type or length of the skirt
2. The style of the outfit
3. The occasion or the season

We will show you how you can different rock Cuts can be combined in many different ways and on different occasions.

Which shoes go with the mini skirt?

Basically , many different types of shoes go well with a simple mini skirt , whether made of jeans or leather. So the choice of shoes depends primarily on the occasion for which you want to wear the look. If you are looking for a comfortable everyday style, you should combine flat shoes with a mini skirt. They weaken the sexy look of the skirt a bit and make your outfit look more casual. If you like the sporty style, you can wear chucks with a mini skirt, for example. The following applies here: flat chucks fit the short skirt better than the ankle-high sneakers because the legs look longer in them.

If sneakers are too sporty for you, then depending on the weather, combine sandals, espadrilles or boots with a mini skirt. The latter look nice rocking. Our favorite look for cooler autumn days: the combination of a mini skirt and flat suede overknees . Sexy and still stylish.

Not a good choice for everyday wear: high heels with a mini skirt. The high shoes are more suitable for sexy evening styling and would look too exaggerated during the day.

Which shoes go with the midi skirt?

Just as with the mini skirt, you can change the style of your outfit with the flared midi skirts by choosing the shoes. The garment itself is very changeable and can be worn both classically and elegantly, as well as sportily and casually or for evening wear. You create a feminine and noble look when you wear high shoes such as simple sandals or pumps with the flowing midi skirt. The latter fit particularly well if you want to wear the skirt in the office. With exciting high heels, your styling gets a sexy touch.

Conversely, with the right shoes, you can also make the classic-cut skirt look cooler and more casual. Simply combine a shirt and casual sneakers with a midi skirt. Tip: Put the t-shirt in the skirt. This makes the figure look slimmer despite the skirt on display!

Which shoes look good with a pencil skirt?

Pencil skirts are very figure-hugging and therefore sexy. You can either underline the feminine and elegant look of the skirt with fine shoes such as pointed pumps or sandals, or you break it open and cause a style break with sporty or rocky shoes such as sneakers or boots. But keep in mind that the combination of a calf-length pencil skirt and flat shoes can visually shorten the legs.

What shoes can I wear with a maxi skirt?

The occasion and season determine which shoes you should combine with your maxi skirt. Flat sandals look great with a skirt in summer. They are comfortable and give the look a boho touch. If you like it rocky, you can also style boots with a maxi skirt .

Tip: If you want to wear high shoes with a maxi skirt and the skirt is to be floor-length, you have to adjust the skirt length to the heel height of the high heels.

Ankle boots and boots to the skirt – is that possible?

In the past, it was frowned upon to combine ankle boots or boots with a skirt. Fortunately, the days of rigid styling rules are over! Boots look great with skirts and the combination of flared midi skirt and calf-high boots or ankle boots with block heels is super stylish and perfect for the approaching autumn. Tip: For midi or maxi skirts, boots with heels generally look more advantageous than flat models because they visually stretch the legs and stretch the whole figure. The combination of longer skirt and flat boots, on the other hand, can quickly make us look a bit squat. You should therefore combine flat shoes with shorter skirts.


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