Why All Women Now Wear Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are simply part of it for us in summer. The one-pieces are super comfortable, can be styled both casually and elegantly and always look great. The best for everyone who has no decision: With the jumpsuit, you no longer have to choose a bottom and top, but are dressed in no time. It couldn’t be easier! Jumpsuits, also called one-piece, playsuit or romper, can of course also be worn in winter – of course without freezing.

The selection of jumpsuits is huge: there are one-pieces with short and long sleeves and legs, models made of denim or cord, brightly patterned pieces or jumpsuits with a glitter look. Good for us, because this way we can style the trend pieces for everyday as well as office use, but also elegantly for the next wedding party or for the party night with the girls.

Combine jumpsuit in the office

For a serious business look, a jumpsuit with long sleeves and long trouser legs is ideal. You are well advised with a model in a muted color such as black, navy blue or gray and a one-piece made of shiny fabric. Also great: jumpsuits with a blouse collar! On the other hand, you should avoid striking, colorful patterns and overly revealing cuts. Pumps or flat loafers and a chic blazer go with the subtle jumpsuits. If the office etiquette allows, you can also style casual sneakers or a colored blazer for a simple one-piece.

Combine jumpsuit elegantly

Are you looking for a suitable outfit for a chic dinner or even a wedding? Sure, the obligatory little black dress is always possible, but a comfortable jumpsuit look would be much more exciting. Black jumpsuits with long legs made of shiny satin, chiffon or silk with narrow spaghetti straps and V-neck are suitable for elegant occasions. For this, pumps or fine strappy sandals are simply styled. The look also looks glamorous with a narrow glitter belt, a shimmering clutch or with a blouson jacket made of silk.

Combine jumpsuit in everyday life

We like it casual in everyday life and therefore simply combine our jumpsuit with sneakers. They make the one-piece suit a bit sportier in no time at all. For a relaxed casual look, the jumpsuit should not be too tight, loosely cut oversize models made of jersey or cotton are better, and also with elastane content – they are particularly comfortable. Denim one-pieces ( shop at Amazon ) or basic shirts worn under the jumpsuit also look sporty .

Additional styling tip: Roll up the pants legs of your jumpsuit a little – this makes the look a bit cooler.

Combine the jumpsuit in summer

Short jumpsuits look so beautiful in summer and are therefore perfect for the hot days. You can combine the one-piece with, for example, leather-look sandals, fabric shoes or wedges. Straw hats, raffia bags and shell necklaces also look mega cute for a summer jumpsuit look. Particularly suitable for summer: playsuits in white as well as models with colorful floral, ethnic or palm print. Jumpsuits made of airy linen are also perfect for warm days, often in natural colors such as khaki or beige.

Combine jumpsuit in winter

Jumpsuits can only be worn in summer? Not correct! One-pieces can also be easily converted into a winter look. For the cooler days, you simply choose a model with long sleeves and trouser legs, for example made of warming cord, or you wear a narrow turtleneck sweater or a long-sleeve underneath the one-piece. Just make sure that the base part is as close to the body as possible and that there are no unsightly arches under your jumpsuit.

Which jumpsuit fits which figure?

Jumpsuits are available in all sorts of materials and cuts, so that the optimal model can really be found for every figure. Women with wide hips and thighs, for example, are particularly flattering on jumpsuits with a waist-high waistband, as well as models that are tighter around the waist. On the other hand, the one-piece should fit loosely around the hips and legs – a model made of flowing fabric such as viscose or chiffon is perfect. Colorful prints, patch pockets or voluminous ruffles and frills are less good.

Do you want to hide your little rolls on your belly? Then choose a jumpsuit with a low waist that sits a little looser around the stomach. Small, petite women should stay away from oversized, oversized cuts. Short, tight-fitting jumpsuits, on the other hand, are ideally suited – also with ruffles and prints. Models with vertical stripes or a V-neck also visually lengthen the body.

And which model flatters women with large bust sizes? If you have a large breast, you should use a plain-colored one-piece in subtle, simple colors such as black or gray. A V-neck also stretches the upper body.


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