Why Everyone Is A Figure-wonder And How You Combine Them | Paperbag Trousers

Paperbag pants have their name because of their waistband: it sits high in the waist and looks like a paper bag (English: ‘paperbag’) that is squeezed up with one hand – the hand would be the waist in this picture. A belt is characteristic of the trousers, but normal belts also sit perfectly on the paperbag waistband. The slightly curled fabric that protrudes above the waistband or belt provides a special effect.

Paperbag pants: which figure are they particularly suitable for?

The fashion trend has been with us for several seasons and has what it takes to become a perennial favorite : Especially in summer, jeans and the like simply cannot keep up with the airy, casual elegance of paperbag pants. Unlike many fashion trends, the pants with the eccentric name are also suitable for every figure: they not only stand for a Gigi Hadid, but also for a Melissa McCarthy. The rumor that the pants are disadvantageous and would emphasize problem areas is just as wrong as the prejudice that paperbag pants are difficult to combine.

What to look for when buying paperbag pants

Paperbag pants flatter every figure – if they fit and fit properly. The paper bag shape emphasizes the waist and makes it look particularly narrow, while the hips get a nice curve. The high waistband also stretches the lower part of the body and makes even shorter legs look long. Models with many or wide pleats can actually apply around the abdomen and hips, this effect is usually canceled out by the narrowly conjured waist. If you want to be on the safe side, you can use paperbag pants without or with a maximum of two narrow pleats. Although the trousers are generally rather loose, there are also figure-hugging models that you can rely on if you are concerned that the hip area or the belly will look too voluminous.

It is also particularly important that the waistband sits exactly at the waist and the pants do not cut into the crotch or hang too far between the legs.

There are these forms

Basically, every pair of trousers is considered paperbag trousers that have the typical paper bag waist. So there is a lot of room for variation. There are no limits to length and cut: Paperbag pants narrow and straight or in carrot shape : These cuts give the paperbag pants a serious business touch. Their length varies: whether normal, 7/8 or cropped – there is something for every preference. With these models, however, the leg appears longer if it ends above the ankle.

Palazzo or Marlene: These forms of paperbag pants are real divas. They are very wide cut and often very long, making them perfect for high heels or high shoes in general. The high waist and the long, wide cut can conjure up endless legs.

Paperbag culottes : culottes have been with us for a while now – in combination with the paperbag waist, the wide trousers, which traditionally end just below the knee, are an even bigger eye-catcher. A little tip: the length of culottes is not strictly adhered to in the current models, especially since it naturally ends at different heights on different women. It is important that the culotte does not end in the middle of the widest part of the lower leg – this can make the leg look short and wide. Ending just below the knee or in 7/8 length , culottes flatter most women.

Paperbag shorts: The summer version of the trend is not only airy and comfortable, but, in contrast to relatives like jeans shorts, it is also quite serious: in paperbag shorts you can look more elegant and elegant than in many other shorts models .

Paperbag skirt: Of course, the paperbag skirt is not a pair of pants, which is actually the title here. However, it would be a shame not to mention the skirt with the paper bag waist, because it is as beautiful and versatile as the paperbag pants. Whether mini, midi or maxi – the paperbag skirt is available in every length. The wide-falling maxi and midi versions are playful and casual, while a paperbag pencil skirt is above all serious and sexy .

So you can combine the paperbag pants

Paperbag pants (and skirts) are all-rounders: they look very classic and elegant , especially with pumps and sandals, and they look unique and modern when combined with sneakers or ankle boots. If you want to take full advantage of the slim effect of the paper bags, you should use figure-hugging tops. Figure-hugging t-shirts, blouses or bodysuits go perfectly with the eye-catching paperbag waist. If you like it exciting, you can wear a crop top or sweater with a paper bag look – due to the high cut of the pants, little skin flashes out, while the belly and navel are completely covered.

If you are not interested in a slim silhouette, you can also combine tops such as oversize blouses with paperbag pants or skirts. With classic shirt blouses, especially paperbag-Marlene or Paperbag-Palazzo pants get an androgynous or masculine look – a touch of eccentricity à la Marlene Dietrich is included here.

Our conclusion

The waist dream comes in so many colors and shapes – there is something for every taste and figure. The paper-bag pants are comfortable and casual like jogging pants without ever being careless. Nobody should do without the good wearing comfort and the great style!


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