Why The Plaid Pants Are Now On Our Wish List

Rock stars, high fashion designers and also royals love check pants and the runways are full of them anyway. Only we have not really dared to check the check pants. Why actually? Many are afraid that the eye-catching trousers do not fit their style or end up looking more like a clown than a style. We want to show you the opposite and show you how easy and above all it is possible to style this fashion trend.

1. The business look

The check trousers remind many of a classic suit trousers for men. Of course, it is ideally suited as serious business trousers . Even the royal ladies know that, they must always be perfectly dressed for official appearances. So if we want to put on checked trousers in the office, we should be guided by the stylish royals. Queen Letizia of Spain wears a gray model. The ankle-length pants have a tapered leg. With checkered carrot pants with large side pockets, she combines a light blouse made of satin and high-quality leather pumps. Alternatively, an oversized shirt would add fashionable flair here.

Queen Maxima from the Netherlands wears a slightly more striking pair of pants – not only in the cut but also in the color. The elegant trousers made of wool impress with their wide leg. Our tip: A high waistband ( paperbag pants that sit on the waist and are tied at the moment ) are super trendy, making the legs look extra long. So that the outfit looks serious, the Dutch queen stays in one color from head to toe and not only chooses a rich brown for the top and the coat, but also for the belt and shoes.

Our tip: If you want to wear the checkered trousers in the office, we recommend classic and muted colors such as gray, blue or brown. Thick wool is suitable as a fabric in winter (looks great especially with wide trousers), cotton or jeans in the transitional period and light linen in summer. A small clutch – like the two royals – will probably not be enough for you in the office. Choose a simple and high quality handbag in medium size or a classy black backpack .

2. The elegant look

If you think that trousers with a checked pattern cannot look classy, ​​you are wrong. Now it’s all about the styling, the material and the colors. Olivia Palermo knows how to do it. She even wears her checkered chinos with a straight cut at a gala on the red carpet. With the checkered skinny pants, the style icon combines breathtaking brand pumps and a sparkling top. Both parts give the alleged everyday outfit a dose of glamor. As usual, Olivia Palermo shows with this appearance that she understands her fashion craft.

3. The casual look

This check pants design is really nice and casual. It is reminiscent of sweatpants and has no zipper, but an elastic waistband that can be tied at the waist. The material is usually made of elastane so that the pants not only look comfortable, but are also comfortable thanks to stretch. The perfect alternative to leggings or our favorite jeans. We loved this street style as part of New York Fashion Week. The fashionista combines a hoodie, a long coat and trousers in the boots with check pants with a high waistband. A leather jacket and a pair of sneakers would also fit well here.

What goes with checked pants? What patterns, what colors?

The celebrities show how good plaid can look from a single source. Say: pants and top with the same check and the same color (by the way, this also works with skirts and dresses). Actress Salma Hayek wears a transparent blouse with her straight-cut trousers, which has the same checked pattern (only a little smaller) and a long vest made of the fabric of the trousers. An absolute fashion highlight!

Singer Maggie Rogers also knows this styling trick and comes to a Paris fashion show dressed in Chanel. With the straight leg check pants in jeans blue she wears a matching plaid jacket and underneath a white blouse (a simple t-shirt would also fit very well here). Many don’t dare to check the pattern because it is too striking for them. Combining it with other patterns sounds like a children’s carnival. It is not like this at all: all kinds of things can be worn with checked trousers. We particularly like these two outfits:

Checkered shorts: a style that works

Check pants also look great as shorts. On the runways you can see more and more plaid shorts, culottes or bermudas and even the skirt is back in fashion. While the luxury brand Celine focuses on muted colors and wide cuts and combines the shorts with over-the-knee boots and belts (perfect for autumn and winter), the label Riani sees the plaid shorts more in spring and summer. Here the shorts are not only shorter, but also tighter – almost like a Bermuda.


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