Winter Wedding: Ideas For Your Fairy Tale

Are you thinking about celebrating a winter wedding? We reveal why this is an enchanting idea! The typical wedding season does not actually fall in winter. We wonder why, because a fairy tale wedding in the snow makes us dream of a fairy tale like that of Cinderella. And even if the snow decides to shine through absence: getting married in winter is something special and even has many advantages! Not convinced yet? Then here are our ideas and reasons for a winter wedding.

The special thing about a winter wedding

Probably the biggest argument for a winter wedding is the special mood that prevails in the cold and dark season. Because winter brings with it its very own and (regardless of Christmas) contemplative romance . In winter we yearn for deceleration, for security, warmth and peace: we take our time and prefer to enjoy instead of experiencing as quickly as in summer.

Winter wedding: location, location, location…

Here comes one of the biggest obvious advantages of a winter wedding : Outside the wedding high season, most locations are much cheaper! So if you dream of a special place for your wedding, you may be able to fulfill your dream in winter rather than in summer. How about a vintage wedding in a location with country house charm? Or do we prefer to take Aschenbrödel’s castle?

The most beautiful decoration for the winter wedding

Of course, flowers and all that at summer weddings are beautiful … Aaaber: Winter weddings can be decorated so magically! Above all, everything that is white and glitters offers itself – and candles and fairy lights look much more magical in winter than in summer. Ice-blue, silver or romantic bright red accents look particularly noble in an otherwise white decoration for marriage in the cold season . Elements from nature, such as pine cones, chestnuts or decorative pieces made of coarser wood can also provide that certain something.

A girl’s dream comes true in winter wedding dress

We could now come back to Cinderella … But that’s actually not necessary, because winter weddings loudly call for opulent princess dresses or elegant robes. A wedding dress for winter naturally differs primarily from details such as long sleeves from a wedding dress for summer, but the accessories and details that pick up on winter and its special romance are actually decisive . Jewelry that is reminiscent of ice crystals or a cape made of white artificial fur or the like make a winter wedding dress perfect.

Winter wedding: outfits for guests

Why is it that certain materials such as lace or velvet can only develop their special effect in winter? Honestly, we don’t know, but it is certain that the guests of a winter wedding have a lot of choices when it comes to their outfits. Those looking for inspiration can do so, for example, in films like Anna Karenina: outfits for a wedding in winter can be opulent. From velvet to brocade, eye-catching fabrics are popular and luxurious details such as gold buttons or the aforementioned artificial fur. Even as a woman you don’t have to be afraid of freezing, because outfits for a winter weddingalso tolerate more atypical elements (for example, ankle boots with a dress in midi length) and style breaks – how about an extra-long wool coat in military style?


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