Winter Wedding – The Dream In White

Although the wedding season in Germany is between spring and the beginning of autumn, many couples also opt for a romantic winter wedding. The cold, dreamy months bring a very special atmosphere with them that enchants in their own extraordinary way. If you decide on a wedding in winter, you can incorporate beautiful elements into the design and create extraordinary, wintry pictures during a shoot for the bridal couple.

Advantages: This is what makes the winter wedding so special

Those who get married in winter have numerous options and, in some areas, a much larger choice than in the “popular” season. The wedding has a certain unique selling point. While many events collide in summer, every weekend is full of activities and many people have to laboriously plan their vacation, the cold season enjoys a peaceful calm.

The service providers are also available and it is much easier and often cheaper to book a location, a DJ, a photographer or a hairdresser. Many locations and catering providers have different prices and have a surcharge in the main season that is not applicable in winter. Another great benefit is availability. While the coveted service providers, restaurants and hotels are fully booked in summer, there is hardly any choice in winter, you can book at short notice and the popular registry office appointments on Friday and Saturday are more often free.

If you want to go on your honeymoon or fly straight after the wedding, you will also get much cheaper offers here. Outside the main season, beautiful hotels around the world are sometimes halved and with the budget planned, the newly wed couple can choose a higher luxury class for an average price.

The prices are affordable, especially after the holidays, so the months from January to March are ideal for a trip.

Cons: These problems can arise during a winter wedding

Like every season, winter also brings challenges. However, the disadvantages are not serious in the cold months.

  • The guests and the bride and groom must also expect the likelihood that it will rain and be uncomfortably cold outside. This could disrupt the romantic photo shoot. Alternatively, you can make an agreement with a photographer to wait for a nice snowy day and consider an after wedding shoot.
  • The guests need space to change, as the winter clothes often cannot be combined with the outfit that is suitable for a wedding. A sufficiently large cloakroom and space for changing shoes should be provided on site.
  • Some flowers are not available in the cold months or are considerably more expensive, so you should plan the bridal bouquet and flower decoration with a florist in good time.
  • The temperature in the rooms should be appropriate so that the guests in their evening dresses do not freeze. While restaurants and hotels provide the heat independently, club houses or pavilions must be adequately heated.

The bride’s outfit

A white dream robe is already the classic and gains a very special, new meaning at a winter wedding. The association with snow is obvious and gives the magical look of a snow queen. Exquisite, noble accessories can be used to reinforce the feeling .

Jewelry and hairstyle

Above all, playful elements underline the wintry look. Light metal can be shiny as well as matt in order to decorate the bride optimally. The modern type of surface design, Eismatt, which has been popular in recent years, is particularly beautiful. Rings as well as chains, hair accessories, earrings or bracelets can be worked with this matt finish. The cooler tones of the gemstones also go perfectly with the season, for example white, light blue or gray stones can be chosen. To give expression to the feeling of the winter wedding, diamonds are particularly suitable, the cheaper variant are white Swarovski stones, which are reminiscent of ice crystals with their crystal clear texture.

The hair can be worn in various ways, both playful curls and an emphatically neat updo can complement the styling perfectly. Jewelery made of light metal and matching stones are more effective in winter than flowers or pearls, which are more suitable for the warm seasons.

Ultimately, however, the most important rule is: It has to be pleasing.


The atmospheric, winter look can be supported by stylish, elegant and at the same time warming accessories. For example, white gloves and a stole made of high-quality artificial fur look enchanting. A long, majestic coat with a faux fur collar also gives the outfit a fairytale, wintry atmosphere. Above all, a coat is particularly interesting for the way between the registry office and the location. Artfully crafted scarves and cardigans made of soft, white wool can also be used, for example with coarse-meshed knitting patterns. It looks cozy, relaxed and elegant at the same time and can also be ideally combined with open, strapless dresses.

Decorations for the winter wedding

If you want to invite the winter mood to the wedding celebration, you can fall back on cool colors such as silver, blue or turquoise. White tablecloths with a table runner in the corresponding colors as well as napkins and candles in the same tone or from the corresponding color palette look very classy and elegant. In addition to the classic flower decoration, pine cones and branches as well as tree discs from conifers can also be used. The decoration can be kept in an elegant silver, as well as decorated with artificial snow for a natural look.

There is also the possibility of keeping the decorations in the colors red and green, but here it must be expected that the room will look Christmassy. Golden decorations have a similar effect. If you decide on a Christmas style, you can also incorporate Christmas tree balls, tinsel and plants such as holly and poinsettia into the design.


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