With These Tricks The Jeans Finally Fit Again!

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is difficult. Very difficult. And even if you find it, it doesn’t mean that it stays in shape like when you tried it on for the first time. Luckily, you can do some little things to make your favorite pants fit again. We reveals the best tricks.┬áDo you know this problem too? You tortured yourself in the various changing rooms for hours until you finally found a pair of jeans. You are overjoyed to perform the good piece, but by the next morning at the latest nothing is sitting as it should. The jeans are worn out, worn out or shrunk in the closet in an almost inexplicable way. But there is a remedy …

“Wash” your jeans smaller

Tip 1: The trick was already known in the 1980s: with your jeans in the warm bathtub, stay in it for a quarter of an hour and then let it dry on your body.

Tip 2: You can also wash the jeans smaller in a saucepan – just put your pants in hot salt water, then briefly wash out the salt with lukewarm water and put them in the dryer. Dried at the highest level, the pants should shrink in any case. But be careful: only use this trick if you are sure that the jeans do not contain elastane. It breaks down in the heat.

Wash the jeans larger

Trick 1: With water you can make the pants too small, but also partially larger. Simply add water to the area that is too narrow. Tighten and stretch, done.

Trick 2: If only the waistband is too tight, water and hangers help. The wet waistband is stretched over a clothes hanger as large as possible and stretched over hours. So should be done with the pinching the next day.

Sew smaller

Especially women with the typical hourglass silhouette are familiar with the problem: the pants fit on the buttocks and legs, but stand out ugly in the waist area. If you want to cheat the waistband just a few centimeters, you can easily reduce the fullness with a sewing machine and elastic band.

That’s how it’s done:First, you should carefully cut two small holes in the inside of the waistband at a distance of about 10 cm on each side. Then pull a piece of the elastic band from hole to hole IN the waistband, the band should only be slightly shorter than the distance between the two holes, so that a certain tension is created with the rubber. Then the tape is sewn over the holes with a zigzag stitch, holes and rubber band ends are also cleaned at the same time. It is best to choose a yarn that is similar to the color of the pants so that it is not so noticeable from the outside. Alternatively, you can also remove the belt loops in advance and place them later over the sewn areas on the waistband so that the correction is not visible from the outside. At the end, the waistband is steamed down with an iron,

Iron the jeans larger

If the waistband is too tight, a simple ironing trick helps: The closed jeans are stretched over the ironing board so that the waistband is stretched as far as possible. Then spray the waistband with lukewarm water until it is completely soaked. Now iron it dry and repeat the whole game again on the other side of your pants.

Large knot

The problem of the waistband being too tight can also be solved with a hair tie. Simply thread a small hair tie through the buttonhole and pull it into a loop. It now serves as a provisional, new buttonhole.


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