Women’s Dressing Room: Essentials to Have Style

Styling is simple and complicated at the same time. Simple when you master the codes of fashion and complicated because no one teaches us them. The dressing a woman should contain 25 timeless clothes , easy to twist to the fashion and seasons. Between timeless basics and essential pieces , you will have the secret of the ideal feminine wardrobe by the end of this article. Let’s go !


The shirt is a timeless and graphic piece that structures the silhouette and gives a lot of allure. Associated with beautiful jewelry such as a beautiful necklace, the set produces a very effective result. You can oversize the shirt to maximize style in the oversize trend.

The essential white shirt

The white or beige shirt (depending on your colorimetry) is a must-have for the ideal feminine wardrobe. Choose shirts with a mandarin collar rather than a classic one, whose V-neck releases the neck and the top of the bust, for more femininity. On the material side, opt for a cotton poplin shirt for better opacity, or a 100% cotton fabric.

The funniest denim shirt

The denim shirt brings a touch of modernity to the look. It allows more fun, less classic associations and rejuvenates all women. Choose it in a light fluid material for a street look or darker, close to pure denim, for a more chic and classy outfit.

Alternative: the lace blouse

In the same style as the essential shirt, the lace blouse brings its little effect while transparency and lightness. This ultra-feminine piece can be chosen in white or off-white and its cut must absolutely be adapted to your morphology. Lace, satin, English embroidery … have fun with patterns and transparency.

The most stylish: the striped shirt

Finally, the striped shirt is very fashionable in summer, especially the white striped blue or white striped gray models. Let’s not forget the plaid shirt which, even if it is more suited to winter fashion, can perform well all year round in a light material if it sports sober tones.

The perfecto for a modern style

Mythical piece of women’s wardrobe, the perfecto is worn short for more femininity. Its basic version can be chosen in black, in imitation leather or in leather to gain a better patina over time and bring a vintage touch. However, the perfecto is modernized in other materials such as cotton, mesh, sweatshirt style. This iconic jacket embodies the rock’n’roll attitude, a welcome shift to a slightly sober, classic look or to twist a long bohemian dress.

The structuring blazer

Unconditional of business meetings, the blazer also knows how to go beyond the professional framework to structure your bust perfectly. Very practical for hiding your buttocks (especially if you are an A body type), the blazer lengthens your silhouette with its vertical lines. The generous breasts will take care not to button it for a classier look. Black or colored, the blazer plays the BCBG style or plays the contrasts on casual jeans.

The double-breasted jacket to lengthen the silhouette

Longer than the blazer, the double-breasted jacket is worn at the hips, mid-thigh or mid-length to the knees. An essential part of BCBG looks and office outfits, this jacket is turned away to gain femininity over shorts or a short skirt combined with pretty sexy tights. Or for a more street look, light denim jeans and black rock boots.

The casual khaki parka

The khaki parka gives character to everyday looks. In addition to its “sleeping bag” aspect that gives the impression of never leaving your cozy bed, the khaki parka has real fashion potential. Short jacket or long parka, the khaki jacket gives modernity to all women, even in middle age. It fits into the casual look of the day with great ease, but also over an evening look for a sublime shift of styles.

The gray sweater or cardigan: a must have

You are sure to never go wrong with a gray sweater or cardigan with a thin contrasting belt or thicker in a more rock spirit. We prefer it in warm material and all mimi, type mohair or cashmere. Fine sweater or oversized sweater, it all depends on your body type and the style you want to evoke. On a skirt, pants, jeans and even shorts, the gray sweater is a timeless one that suits all skin tones. Bet on the right accessories so as not to fall into the gloomy look.


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