Women’s Tank Top A Must Have In Your Wardrobe

There are plenty of good reasons to adopt the tank top! It is a garment that is both simple and effective, easy to adapt to whatever your style, and which serves as an excellent basic. Summer and winter, we adopt the tank top to create a fashionable and comfortable outfit for every day, without ever taking the lead. The women’s tank top is clearly a wardrobe essential, but you still have to know how to choose it and combine it to achieve your look. We give you some tips to be on top with your woman tank top !

Which style of tank top to favor?

The style of your tank top is to choose according to your style of course, but also according to what you want to do with it. If you want to wear your tank top as a top, we advise you to choose it plain (white, gray or black) and large enough to be in trend. It is also possible to wear a printed tank top, Wax, striped or polka dot, it’s perfect to give an extra touch of style to your outfit.

Lingerie-inspired tank tops, in satin or silk with a lace neckline, are still in vogue, as seen in particular on the Witt website . On the other hand, if you prefer to wear your tank top under a shirt, with a cardigan, overalls or even a blazer, opt for a close-fitting solid. Some tank tops finally, with lace at the neckline and a tight cut, go very well under the tops with a neckline too deep.

What to wear the women’s tank top with: associations that work!

  • With boyfriend jeans, mom jeans and a pair of leopard sneakers.
  • Under a blouse worn open, with a denim mini-skirt and open sandals.
  • Under denim overalls, with a pair of pumps to bring a touch of chic.
  • Under a linen jumpsuit, with wedge sandals, the perfect look for summer!
  • Under a chasuble dress, with bare legs and a pair of canvas sneakers.
  • Under a blazer or cardigan, with high-waisted pants and a pair of leather ankle boots, perfect for the office!

Choose the right tank top according to its morphology: our advice

Unlike the T-shirt, or any other top for that matter, the tank top has no sleeves. That is to say, it reveals your neck, your arms, your shoulders, your upper back, and, depending on the model, your décolleté: you should not be mistaken in choosing it, and bet on the cut that will highlight you the most. Focus on the key points to take into account when choosing a tank top.

Which suspenders to choose?

Thin, wide or racerback? The tank top and its straps are available in many options, among which a little sorting should be done depending on its morphology. The very thin straps are reserved for thin and delicate backs and shoulders. In other words, we avoid this model if we have a racer back or very muscular arms (except if you are looking for a tank top to slip under your sweater of course). Likewise, the “racer back” cut is better suited to small body shapes . This format of suspenders will allow you to refine your upper body, by optical effect.

What neck?

In the world of tank tops, we generally distinguish the high neck from the open neck, and the round neck from the V neck. The high neck comes up to the neck and is round. It is a shape that goes well with small breasts, but it is better to avoid when you have a generous breast, under penalty of visually increasing the volume. The open neck can be round or V-shaped, and fits everyone, as long as it is not too deep.

Rather loose or tight?

The trend is rather to loose tank top, even downright loose. However, if you want to wear your tank top under a shirt, overalls or even with slouchy jeans the trend of the moment, opt instead for tight-fitting. If in doubt, opt for a simple cotton tank top, close to the body but not tight, it will work in all cases!


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