You Must Know These Styling Rules!

Check shirts have long been a perennial favorite in the closet. But the tops in the lumberjack look are currently experiencing their absolute trend high point. Say: Nobody can get around check shirts soon. No wonder, because the shirts are super comfortable, cuddly soft and can be easily combined (and anything but boring!). We show how it’s done. The ingenious thing about the shirts in the lumberjack look: a check shirt can be styled in many different ways. In addition, a check shirt is not a check shirt. There are now many different designs – from the small-checkered Vichy to the typical red-green tartan pattern.

The combination of check shirt, basic shirt and skinny or boot cut jeans and sneakers is cool and casual . Instead of the plain-colored shirt, you can also choose the cool band shirt. The look becomes particularly casual when you pick up the oversize model or you don’t wear your check shirt as a top, but tie it around your waist instead. In summer you can combine your plaid piece with high waist shorts made of denim. For the trendy crop look, the shirt is loosely knotted at the front. Mega cool: tough biker boots in white. On the other hand, check shirts made of soft flannel are perfect for colder days in autumn and winter.

And if you are looking for a look for the next party, you can combine faux leather pants in a skinny cut with a lace bustier, open checked shirt and pumps.

Check shirts are also suitable for business

The good news: Check shirts can not only be casual. Who would have thought it, but the trend pieces combined correctly are even suitable for business. So that the look looks less like leisure time, you should leave brightly patterned models in the closet and prefer a shirt in muted colors. In addition, small checked patterns look more elegant than large prints.

And the cut is also crucial. Fitted models are more suitable for the chic business look than oversize shirts. Match with: pleated trousers, blazers and loafers.

Desired style: check shirt with skirt or dress

Are you looking for a trendy outfit with a style icon factor? Then combine the check shirt with a feminine pleated skirt , slip dress ( available here, for example, from NA-KD *) or a mini skirt made of lacquer. This break in style between the rustic top and the playful skirt is super exciting and will cause astonished looks.

Eye-catching statement jewelry also goes well with mapped shirts. Just make sure that the colors harmonize with each other. Otherwise the look quickly becomes too restless.

A wild mix of patterns is a trend!

Check to check is not possible? And whether that works. Fashion professionals now simply style their check shirt in an all-over look with matching check pants or plaid skirt. The nice thing about it: You can mix the different checked prints and colors together as you wish. In principle there are no rules for this look. However, your outfit looks particularly harmonious if you choose pieces from the same color family.

Also possible: style check shirts with other patterns such as dots, flowers or paisley prints. Here, however, special care is required so that the look does not go backwards. How to combine different patterns and what you should look for in the pattern mix can be read here: Pattern mix deluxe: This is the trendiest style of the season!

Put it in your pants or wear it over: How do I style a check shirt best?

Lumberjack-style check shirts are usually slightly wider. You can model your figure and emphasize your waist by loosely tucking the hem of the shirt into the waistband or skirt. Then pull the fabric back up slightly to create a casual look. The sportier variant: wear the check shirt open over a shirt.

If you wear your shirt with a slim-cut skirt with a high waist waist, it is best to put it in the waistband or knot it at the front.


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