You Should Avoid These 10 Fashion Sins In The Interview

The job interview is like the first date: the first impression counts. And so that this is as positive as possible for the person opposite, the exterior also plays an important role. In addition to a well-groomed appearance, this also includes the right clothing. Which fashion bumpers applicants should never step into during the interview and further tips for choosing an outfit

The right clothes in a job interview is one thing: on the one hand you want to express your personality with your outfit and not dress up, on the other hand you don’t want to stand out negatively or dance too far out of line. So what do you do to collect sympathy points from the boss and show with your clothes “I fit into the team”? Unfortunately there is no general answer to the question, but there are several clues:

The branch: bank, insurance, advertising agency or kindergarten – often the branch alone already indicates a certain direction when it comes to clothing. The former two jobs are usually more formal and stricter in terms of clothing regulations than the latter.

Interview fashion industry: Different outfit rules apply here. Anyone applying for a job in the fashion industry has it harder and easier at the same time in the job interview: harder because more attention is paid to the outfit than in a “normal” job interview, easier because one also has one’s own personality with one’s outfit can live out. Say, extravagant and weird statement parts that would be taboo in other job interviews are just right here. After all, the applicant is also expected to have style, love fashion and know trends.

Colleagues: Do you know someone who already works in the company? Ask directly about the clothing style of the employees. Alternatively, company profiles on Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or videos on YouTube quickly provide helpful visual clues to the company’s own dress code.

Who is still unsure: If in doubt, appear a little too overdressed rather than underdressed for the interview. This shows that the job is really important to you and that you have made every effort to make a good impression during the interview.

Wrong clothing interview: These 10 fashion no-gos you should avoid

Show too much skinTransparent tops, visible underwear, super short mini-skirts, very deep cutouts – clothes that show a lot of skin and from a distance “Attention, sexy!” screams, you can wear it in your free time, but not during an interview Incidentally, this applies to all industries.

Sunglasses and headphones

The sunglasses are in the hair, the earphones dangle loosely around the neck – not a good idea when interviewing, because both seem extremely disrespectful. You will not be believed that you take the appointment seriously – rather as if you were “snowed in” at the company for a short time, but actually had better things to do.

Hats, caps & hats

Knights used to take off their helmets to show that they had peaceful intentions. And even today, pulling the hat or taking off caps and hats symbolizes that you are respectful and benevolent towards the other person. Even if headgear has become quite normal in many jobs and companies – in an interview it shows good behavior not to wear them.

Wear extremely high shoes

Sure, high shoes make you taller, a great gait and stretch your leg. However, they should not be taller than 10 cm – unless you prefer to draw attention to your heels rather than your person during the interview.

Clothes that don’t fit

Too big, too small, too wide, too tight – clothes that do not fit properly convey a lack of reflected self-perception to your interviewee and make an unprofessional impression.

Unkempt clothing

Stains, hair, lint, dandruff – unkempt or dirty clothing is the absolute worst case among the fashion fat boxes that you can step into during an interview. If you can’t take care of yourself and your clothes, you won’t put a lot of effort into working, according to the conclusion of every HR manager.

Strong smells

The same applies to clothing that smells extremely of food, tobacco or animals – it looks careless, neglected, not very professional and also distracts from you. In the interview, you should also do without the opposite – a cloud of perfume.

Worn out shoes

“Shoes say a lot about a person,” it says. Accordingly, anyone who comes to the interview in worn-out or broken shoes never makes a good impression.

Too much bling-bling

Sure, we also love statement jewelry – anything that attracts too much attention or even jingles should not be part of the job conversation.


In most industries, jeans are still associated with casual wear – so, if at all, wear only dark blue or black jeans.


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