With These Tricks, Your Legs Will Immediately Look Slimmer

Each of us ladies secretly wants beautiful, very long, slim legs. Here you can find out which fashion tricks you can use to achieve this and how you can skillfully stage your silhouette.┬áThere are a lot of tricks and possible combinations with which you can perfectly emphasize your figure and certain parts of the body and conjure up a beautiful silhouette. Whether the cut, the choice of color or the materials – many factors contribute to perfectly staging the entire look. However, a lot has to be taken into account, as a lot of clothing items and quickly make you look wider than you actually do.

But thanks to a reliable fashion perspective and a certain amount of know-how, you can counteract this in a targeted manner and that is exactly what we are passing on to you. While some cheat a small waist and others the want to hide broad shoulders , is your problem area more the strong thighs ? Then watch out: Here you can find out which five tips you can use to hide them and how your legs immediately look slimmer .

The right cut

The fact is that the cut is absolutely crucial and the alpha and omega of concealing strong legs and making them look slimmer. For example, high-waist jeans are a great choice because they also conjure up a narrow waist and hide a small tummy. But also slightly flared trousers such as classic bootcut jeans or totally modern flared trousers from the 1970s are ideal for visually compensating for strong thighs and cheating them narrower. A little highlight on the side: By the way, you can also achieve this effect with so-called “cuffing”. This involves rolling up the trouser legs. With the bare ankles you automatically appear filigree, taller and it’s also super stylish, because even it girl Alexa Chung has discovered this trend for herself.

The color choice

You can also trick a little by choosing the color of your new favorite jeans. You should avoid white models or those that have noticeable light washes in some places. Instead, it is better to use designs in dark denim or even better black , because they visually stretch the leg and distract from one or the other supposed problem area. They also create a continuous line instead of using color accents to draw attention to unwanted areas. With monotonous and rather dark colors, the focus is more on the upper part or the shoes, which can then be more conspicuous .


An excellent cheat trick, if you don’t want to do without prints, are vertical stripes. These make the body appear narrower, elongate it optically and also make your legs look super slim . Reach, for example, classic, elegant pinstripe trousers or cool blue jeans with wider bar stripes. These designs not only look stylish and become absolute eye-catchers, you can also combine them very simply with a simple shirt or turtleneck sweater .

Distract with tops

But not only the choice of trousers play a role in concealing strong thighs, also the choice of the top: With the right shirt you can wonderfully distract from the supposed “problem area” and focus on your advantages such as the cleavage or the waist. Models with ruffles, asymmetrical necklines, shoulder pads , extremely long sleeves or striking patterns such as animal prints or polka dots are particularly suitable for this . You can also choose longer-cut classic white blouses that stretch the upper body and make the figure appear slimmer overall.

The A-line

Away from trousers, dresses and skirts in A-line are also perfect figure flatterers, which are also totally in trend this year and are in great demand with fashionistas. If you want to hide the pillow on your stomach and hide your thighs, knee-length A-line dresses are an optimal choice. When styling, they visually lengthen the leg – if you wear shoes with heels, such as cool ankle boots , the effect is also enhanced and they appear slimmer.

We have now given you a certain amount of know-how, now it’s up to you. Remember: You can conjure up slim, long legs with the right choice of cut, color and pattern. Your silhouette can also be staged wonderfully with tricks such as eye-catching tops or the A-line shape and at the same time you can skilfully hide your strong thighs. 🙌🏼


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